Lubbock Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $251,336
Lowest Salary $299
Median Salary $43,016
Last Updated July 18, 2013

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Name Department Title Salary
Guanghui Zheng ELECTRIC UTILITIES ADMIN CEO Electric Utilities $251,337
Dale Stephens ELECTRIC UTILITIES ADMIN Asst Director Electric Util $230,000
Lee Ann Dumbauld CITY MANAGER City Manager $225,000
Sam Medina LEGAL City Attorney $210,001
Quincy Esthers White ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INC Asst City Mgr-Admin/Comm Svcs $163,274
Robert A. Doty MUN. COURT-ADM RECORDS Munic Court Presiding Judge $155,000
Jeffrey C. Hartsell LEGAL Supervising Attorney-Litigatio $154,511
James Loomis Airport Admin Marketing Executive Director Airport $150,288
Roger L. Ellis POLICE ADMINISTRATION Police Chief (Non-CS) $148,691
Matthew L. Wade ELECTRIC UTILITIES ADMIN LP&L General Counsel $146,311
Michael Kemp FIRE ADMINISTRATION Fire Chief (Non-CS) $143,193
Peter Snider RESIDENTIAL COLLECTION Asst City Mgr-Community Svcs $143,000
Mark R. Yearwood DATA PROCESSING SERVICES Chief Information Officer/ACM $143,000
Randall K. Smith WATER UTILITY ADMINISTRA Chief Operating Officer $140,000
Stephen H. Comey ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTION SU Electric Distribution Supt $135,190
Aubrey Alvin Spear, III WATER UTILITY ADMINISTRA Director of Water Utilities $132,377
David M. Satterwhite LEGAL Supervising Attorney-Office Pr $128,972
Paul W. Leonard ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTION EN Substation/Operations Supvr $128,752
Chad Weaver LEGAL Attorney III $125,206
James Gilmore ELECTRIC PRODUCTION MAIN Electric Production Supt $122,888
Amy L. Sims LEGAL Attorney III $122,004
Larry W. Franklin STREET/DRAINAGE ENGINEER City Engineer $118,968
Ramesh Ganesh INTERNAL AUDIT Director of Internal Audit $115,197
Pamela A. Moon ACCOUNTING Exec Director of Finance $114,028
Damian V. Pantoya ELECTRIC UTILITIES ADMIN Finance Director Elect Util $112,875
John C. Grace LEGAL Attorney III $112,283
Loyd W. Bullock POLICE-INVESTIGATIONS Asst Police Chief $111,347
Garett Nelson FIRE PREVENTION Fire Marshal (Non-CS) $110,266
Eduardo Rodriguez ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTION EN Elec Engineer $109,181
Nancy J. Haney DATA PROCESSING SERVICES Sr Programmer Analyst $108,715