Denton County Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $167,281
Lowest Salary $12,438
Median Salary $39,070
Last Updated July 18, 2013

Browse salaries at Denton County by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
Benjamin Beall PUBLIC HEALTH-CLINICAL DIV Health Authority $167,282
Jamie Gurley CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY First Assistant District Atty $163,817
Michael Moore CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Chief Felony Trial Division $153,240
Virgil Vahlenkamp COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT #2 County Court Judge $137,439
David Garcia COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT #3 County Court Judge $137,439
Joe Bridges COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT #4 County Court Judge $137,439
Bonnie Robison PROBATE COURT Probate Judge $137,439
Robert Ramirez COUNTY COURT AT LAW #2 / CIVIL County Court Judge $137,439
Kimberly McCary COUNTY COURT AT LAW NO. 1 County Court Judge $137,439
Jimmy Crouch COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT #1 County Court Judge $137,439
Richard Podgorski COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT #5 County Court Judge $137,439
John Feldt CRIMINAL DA - CIVIL DIVISION Chief Civil Division $136,820
Clifford Leffingwell JAIL HEALTH DEPARTMENT Dentist $134,817
Kevin Carr TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Director Technology Services $129,143
Martha Storrie PUBLIC HEALTH-CLINICAL DIV Primary Care Clinician $125,459
Adolph Burton PUBLIC HEALTH-CLINICAL DIV Health Department Director $124,912
David Jahn PROBATE COURT Associate Judge $123,695
Amy Phillips HUMAN RESOURCES Director Human Resources $119,872
Kristin Kidd CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Chief Misdemeanor Trial Div $119,727
Hardy Burke CRIMINAL DA - CIVIL DIVISION Civil Attorney I $119,242
Peggy Carr ADULT PROBATION Director of Probation $118,670
Katherine Sartin CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Chief Family Law Division $118,491
James Wells COUNTY AUDITOR County Auditor $118,471
Donna Stewart BUDGET DIRECTOR Budget Officer $118,080
Ken Metcalf JUVENILE PROBATION SERVICES Director Juvenile Probation $117,304
Rex George SHERIFF Chief Deputy Sheriff $116,172
Beth Fleming PURCHASING DEPARTMENT Director Of Purchasing $115,573
Jeffery Fleming CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Chief Intake Attorney $115,398
William Travis SHERIFF Sheriff $112,322
Victoria Abbott CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY Juvenile Division Chief $109,905