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The first floor of the Texas Capitol.
The first floor of the Texas Capitol.

Data App: Capitol Maps

As the 181 members of the Texas Legislature convene in Austin for the 82nd session, use our interactive and printable guide to find their offices and navigate the maze that is the Texas Capitol. Search by member name, or browse using the floor plan by clicking the tab for each floor in the Capitol and Capitol Extension.

Data App: Ethics Fines

The Texas Ethics Commission levied more than $140,000 in fines in 2010 following complaints that candidates, officeholders and others violated laws governing elections, lobbying or holding political office. Since 2004, $650,000 in fines have been issued. Use our database to search the records.

Interactive: Texas Lobbyist Conflicts: 2005-2010

State law requires lobbyists to disclose to the Texas Ethics Commission any conflicts of interests involving their clients. They also must notify their clients. The disclosure forms aren't public information, but the commission released a list of lobbyists and the total number of conflicts they've reported since 2005. Use this table to sort that list.

Interactive: Texas House Travel Expenses

Members of the Texas House on average spent about $11,000 on travel expenses in the last fiscal year, which ended August 31. This table details those records by member. Click the column headers to sort the table and compare their spending in the various categories

Interactive: U.S. Population Change

Later this month, the U.S. Census Bureau will announce apportionment based on the 2010 decennial population count, and Texas could gain an extra four seats in the U.S. Congress. Explore historical population growth, density and apportionment data since 1910 with interactive maps and charts released today by the bureau.

Interactive: Texas Diabetes Rates 2010-2040

The number of Texas adults with diabetes is set to quadruple over the next three decades, from roughly 2 million to nearly 8 million, according to new projections. Use this interactive map to track diabetes rates in Texas from now through 2040 — and to get a county-by-county look at the rising population of diabetics over time.