The Data

Interactive: Bills of the 83rd Legislative Session

The bill-filing deadline has come and gone, and now the real legislative fun begins. State lawmakers have filed more than 6,500 bills and resolutions over the past four months. Use our interactive to explore them — and to see what legislators will be debating until they adjourn in May. 

Map: Texas Disposal Wells

Use our interactive map to see more than 7,000 sites across Texas where wastewater from oil and gas operations is being disposed of. Enter your ZIP code to find disposal wells near you.

The Disappearing Rio Grande Expedition

The Rio Grande's future has never been more uncertain. Reporter Colin McDonald and photojournalist Erich Schlegel are traveling the river's length, documenting its culture and its biology from the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico.

Interactive: Texas Life Expectancy

How long you live and how healthy you are could depend in part on where you call home. Our interactive map shows life expectancy, obesity rates and levels of physical activity by county, according to data from the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.