State Rep. Steve Toth

District 15 (R-The Woodlands)

Personal Profile

Full Name: Steve Toth
Age: 53
Hometown: The Woodlands
Race: White
Occupation: Small Business Owner
Education: High school; Some Seminary training at Rochester Bible College
Spouse: Babette
Religion: Christian
Church: WoodsEdge Community Church

Financial Statements


Election Info

Texas Senate District 4, 2014-06-21
Lost with 32.62% of vote
2012 General Election
Won with 86.63% of vote
2012 Republican Party Primary Election
Won with 56.48% of vote

Political Profile

Current Office: Texas House of Representatives
District: 15
Party: Republican Party
Term Expiration: 2014
Term Length: 2 years
Salary: $7,200 per year
  • Criminal Jurisprudence
  • Corrections
Amy Lane Chief of Staff
Michael Houck Legislative Director
Brittany Houck Communications director
Texas House District 15 Facts
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Population & Household Profile
Education & Employment Profile
Income & Housing Profile
County Report (pdf)
City & CDP Report (pdf)
School District Report (pdf)
Zip Code Report (pdf)
Precinct Report (pdf)

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Rep. Steve Toth, District 15
Twitter: @Toth_4_Texas
Facebook: Fan Page
Capitol Seating Assignment
Room: 2W.5
Seat: 59
Capitol Office
Room: E1.512
Address: P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
Phone: (512) 463-0797
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