Perry Urges Mexican President to Visit Texas Border

Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday invited Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to witness for himself the operations of the National Guard patrolling the Texas side of the Rio Grande. The invitation was a response to the Mexican president telling media outlets that Perry’s decision to deploy the guard was “reprehensible.”

Perry to join Abbott for Lubbock fundraiser

The fundraiser is scheduled for noon at Texas Tech University, where Abbott and Perry are slated to speak later Wednesday at a ceremony honoring Timothy Cole, the first Texan to be posthumously exonerated. The last time Abbott and Perry raised money together was in February at the home of Anthony Buzbee, the Houston lawyer now defending Perry against abuse-of-power charges.

Sixth Texas Woman to Face Execution

A 38-year-old Arlington woman is scheduled to be executed in Texas on Wednesday for the starvation death of her girlfriend’s son, Davontae Marcel Williams.

Midland ISD Developing "Petroleum Academy"

Midland school officials and area businesses are excited about a planned high school program that will focus on preparing high schoolers to work in the region's booming oil industry. The program would meet new high school requirements while satisfying the job needs of the community.

Lt. Governor Race: the 'Luchadora' vs. the Tea Party radio host

A few Saturdays ago, I spent several hours hanging around a Texas Realtors Association conference in San Antonio, trying to catch state Sen. Dan Patrick, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor on the November ballot. His campaign office had canceled a previously scheduled interview and had yet to respond to my follow-up queries. I figured this might be my last, best chance to get him on the record.

The Brief: Is There an Endgame on the Border Surge?

Is there an endgame on the border surge?; Midland ISD developing "petroleum academy"; A&M System launches think tank with eye on state policy; Sixth Texas woman to face execution; ICYMI: Law enforcement groups come out For gay marriage; Texas' new social studies textbooks under fire; SpaceX one of two companies awarded NASA contracts.

Editorial: Texas GOP should OK expanded Medicaid at least for now

Republicans don't like Obamacare. We get that - and the law is not perfect. But it has been upheld by the Supreme Court and is in effect. In fact, it will be unless or until Republicans retake Congress and the presidency - which is a tall order. So every year that Republicans refuse to accept expanded Medicaid in Texas under Obamacare is another year they leave money on the table - lots of it, as in $100 billion in federal funds from 2014 to 2023.

Dallas County DA fight stirs talk of inquiry into judge

Defense attorney David Finn believes the dispute is a power grab by the DA’s office. But top prosecutors say it’s a political ploy by Finn to taint District Attorney Craig Watkins before the November election where the DA will face former judge Susan Hawk. They say Finn is exploiting past DA run-ins with judges to help Hawk, a Republican.

Price commends late Parkland CEO, a longtime nemesis

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price offered a surprising resolution Tuesday, praising the late Dr. Ron Anderson for his leadership of Parkland Memorial Hospital. The kind words were not totally unexpected, given Anderson’s death last week. But they were somewhat unusual for their source: Over the years, Anderson was a frequent target of Price’s public wrath.

Right, left blast new Texas textbooks

Too much negative about former President George W. Bush, too much positive about Hillary Rodham Clinton and way too much coverage of Moses. Those were among a long list of complaints — from both sides of the political spectrum — during an all-day hearing Tuesday in front of the State Board of Education on new history and social studies books for Texas public schools.

Maverick PAC event to feature Ted Cruz

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Maverick PAC, a Republican group with ties to the Bush family, is hosting a closed-press gathering in Washington over the weekend, where speakers will include Sens. Ted Cruz and Rob Portman, both potential 2016 White House contenders, and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

Gov. Perry talks Texas roads, funding

Gov. Rick Perry told the transportation officials at an Austin conference to enjoy the festivities of Texas’ capital city when they come around, like the concert and movie festival South by Southwest. But there is a chance they’ll run into traffic, he said.

Political differences dominate Texas textbook debate

Reviving a four-year controversy over what Texas children should be taught about Islam, capitalism and the role Judeo-Christianity played in the country’s founding, about 50 people testified Tuesday to the State Board of Education about proposed social studies textbooks.

Charitable bingo sues to block historical racing in Texas

Several organizations that benefit from charitable bingo in Texas headed to court Tuesday to try to stop a new form of betting from being put into place in Texas. The groups — including an American Legion in Temple, Save Barton Creek Association in Austin and the Humane Society of Dallas County — are suing the Texas Racing Commission in a Travis County court to prevent the commission from going ahead with a plan to allow so-called historical racing at the state’s horse and dog tracks.

Epstein says F1 made a 'verbal application'

Bobby Epstein, chairman of the Circuit of the Americas racetrack, has told a TV station that a “verbal application” was made to Formula One to bring a yearly race to the Austin facility. The comment Monday came the day after a San Antonio Express-News investigation raised questions about the application, which is required by law to receive state funding.

CMS targets immigration, income discrepancies among health plan shoppers

Nearly 20,000 Texans whose citizenship or legal residency are in question will lose their federally subsidized health plans at the end of the month if they don't respond to government queries about their eligibility for coverage. They are among 115,000 people nationwide who have not responded to questions since May about proof of U.S. citizenship or whether they are in the country legally, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said.

Border surge quietly meets goal but shows no sign of ending

The reason for the dramatic drop from an early summer high of 6,600 weekly detentions is unclear, but it took place almost entirely before the arrival of Texas National Guard troops, which are the biggest part of the $4 million-per-week surge. There have been no discussions of recalling the guardsmen, most of whom only recently got to the area following training.

New ads reflect contrasting styles of Abbott, Davis

Now, as a Democratic gubernatorial nominee facing an uphill battle against another well-established Republican, she is staking her bid on a similar approach. Nothing illustrates that better than her campaign's ad blitz, in which she has shown no reluctance to go for the jugular, only softening up for half of one commercial out of five to tout her education proposals.

NASA picks Boeing and SpaceX to ferry astronauts

NASA will turn to aerospace giant Boeing and "new space" startup SpaceX to launch U.S. astronauts again from American shores, ending a reliance on Russian Soyuz capsules that began after the last space shuttle landed on Earth three years ago.

Trucking Firms Ignore Safety Standards In Rush For Oil Business

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Flatbed trucks bearing loads of steel pipe barrel down Old Beaumont Highway, linking East Houston to Beaumont’s refineries. Every few minutes, one of them makes a wide turn at a stoplight, crossing onto the much narrower Pineland Drive.