Invasive body cavity searches will now require a warrant

Dashboard camera footage from a Texas state trooper’s car caught Angel and Ashley Dobbs’ traumatic traffic stop. The video showed a female trooper probing the women’s anuses and vaginas on the side of the road near Irving as cars drove past. Adding insult to injury, the trooper used the same glove on both women.

Texas racetracks headed toward shutdown at midnight

House and Senate budget leaders spent much of the day negotiating how much funding for salaries and rent to give the Texas Racing Commission after leaders of the agency went against the wishes of some conservative lawmakers last week to allow a controversial form of gambling.

Despite announced deal, House and Senate leaders are at odds over Racing Commission which is set to shut down tomorrow

There have been some fast developments this evening surrounding the tense standoff about the future of horse racing in Texas. And what is absolutely clear right now is that despite a deal announced by Texas Senate leaders, there is no agreement with the lower chamber and this could all fall apart before the Racing Commission is set to shut down as soon as tomorrow.

Oil surges as global glut appears to diminish somewhat

The 8.8 percent rally obliterated more than a month of price declines and pushed the price of the U.S. benchmark into its biggest three-day percentage surge since Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. The comeback was welcome in Houston's petroleum hub after nearly two months of declines and severalweeks of oil in the $40s.

Two appointed to Texas parole board

A former Lubbock County sheriff with 35 years' experience in law enforcement was named Monday as chairman of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, the agency that decides which convicted criminals get early release on supervision from prison sentences and recommends clemency actions to the governor.