Texas and U.S. Spar Over Rules to Stop Prison Rape

In what appeared to be a reversal of his predecessor’s position, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas wrote to Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch last week to assure her that his state intended to abide by national standards to prevent, detect and respond to prison rape “wherever feasible.”

Innocence Project of Texas Chief Counsel Resigns, Unhappy with NY Branch

Amarillo criminal defense lawyer Jeff Blackburn has a certain flair for the dramatic, as is demonstrated in his recent resignation letter as chief counsel of the Innocence Project of Texas. On May 13, Blackburn told the East Coasters to shove it in a resignation letter he sent to the Innocence Project of Texas board of directors.

Rove’s Crossroads PAC Is No Longer G.O.P.’s ‘Big Dog’

But in the early days of the 2016 presidential campaign, Crossroads — among the first outside groups to fully exploit the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision unleashing wealthy donors and corporations — has been buffeted by a rapidly changing political landscape that is testing its pre-eminence, and potentially its survival.

Senate confirms two judges

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Senators unanimously confirmed two judges Thursday, doubling the number of judicial nominees confirmed by the Senate this year. Senators confirmed Jill Parrish to be a district judge for the District of Utah and Jose Rolando Olvera Jr. to be a district judge for the Southern District of Texas.

Jeb Hensarling will test his power with Export-Import Bank vote

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It gives the bank’s staunchest opponent — House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling of Texas — the opportunity to show his influence in the Capitol. If he musters the votes to shut it down, it would end one of the longest-running fights within the Republican Party.

Timothy Cole bill gets public hearing

A bill that would create the Timothy Cole Exoneration Review Commission will get a public hearing in the Texas Senate State Affairs committee, a critical meeting because the chairwoman of the nine-member panel opposed a similar proposal in the 2013 session.

Influx of Central American children poses challenges for schools

This month most of these children will, like Elida, finish their first year in U.S. schools while they await their possible deportation later this year. More than half of the unaccompanied minors were placed in just five states - with Texas and Houston home to the greatest share in the nation - posing complicated challenges for the handful of school districts most heavily impacted.

Austin’s population is booming, and San Marcos benefits

How to handle and cultivate growth in the San Marcos area was the topic of a Thursday luncheon about the region’s economic outlook, held hours after the Census Bureau crowned this Central Texas college town as the fastest-growing city in the country for the third year in a row.

Davis publicly supports same-sex marriage

In recent years, the Texas Legislature has seen the addition of openly LGBT lawmakers who, while in the minority party, have not shied away from organizing against several anti-gay bills every session.