Abbott's Remarks on Business Tax Spark Confusion

Attorney General Greg Abbott spoke this month at a conservative conference about how Texas could attract more jobs if it didn't have a business franchise tax. But Abbott isn't proposing a repeal of the tax, according to his campaign.

UT System Regents Consider Campus Budget Relief

The UT System Board of Regents will spend the next two days hammering out the details on several key initiatives — including how to keep tuition flat and find a new president for the flagship university.

Texas' Nuclear Waste Dump Poised to Get Wiggle Room

Texas’ only radioactive waste dump is poised to get permission to dramatically expand its capacity, take in new types of waste and reduce its financial liability should its owner suddenly close up shop. That’s despite a last-ditch protest from a state lawmaker who worries the move will jeopardize Texans’ health and put their tax dollars at risk.

Mental Health Cops Help Reweave Social Safety Net In San Antonio

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San Antonio and Bexar County have transformed their mental health system into a program considered a model for the rest of the nation. Today, the jails aren't full, and the city and county have saved $50 million over the past five years.

Dallas County DA opponents clash over Watkins’ car accident

The candidates for Dallas County district attorney clashed Tuesday over whether incumbent Craig Watkins improperly used his office’s forfeiture funds to settle a car accident he caused. In her most pointed criticism of Watkins since their general election campaign started, Republican nominee Susan Hawk said the DA’s handling of a controversial car crash amounted to a “cover-up.” And she accused him of using campaign money as a “slush fund.” Watkins’ campaign chief dismissed it as desperation.

Brisket Is Worth the Wait

Now, suddenly, the spotlight — and the obsessive attention of cooks like Mr. Laracuente — has narrowed in on brisket alone. And New York is even starting to develop something new: a local style of serving it, in untraditional sandwiches or with more up-to-date side dishes. “The brisket I’ve had in New York lately is better than a lot of places in Texas,” said Daniel Vaughn, the barbecue editor of Texas Monthly magazine.

Tom DeLay to Rick Perry: 'This is what they do'

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“This is what they do, this is how they intimidate the elected officials in the state Legislature and the governor and around the state,” DeLay said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “If you say anything bad or against this office, they’ll go after you.”

Rick Perry’s trial judge may have Jan. 1 deadline

The judge overseeing Gov. Rick Perry’s criminal case, chosen because he lives outside of Travis County, is a Republican who could be serving under a time limit. Senior District Judge Bert Richardson is in the middle of a campaign for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which he will join on Jan. 1, 2015, if voters continue their pattern of electing Republicans to the state’s highest courts. Election Day is Nov. 4.

Rick Perry is booked, calls charges ‘baseless’

His head held high amid cheers, Gov. Rick Perry was booked into the Travis County criminal justice system Tuesday after surrendering to sheriff’s deputies shortly after 5 p.m. Within a matter of 15 minutes, Perry was in and out of the county’s Central Booking Facility, where officers fingerprinted the state’s top elected leader and snapped a mug shot that quickly spread worldwide on social media.

Rick Perry grand jurors say they weren’t partisan

Contrary to Perry’s repeated claims that the indictment is rooted in partisan politics — he referred Tuesday to “baseless political charges” — the grand jurors acted dispassionately when they heard evidence and decided that Perry should be charged with felonies, one of the grand jurors told the American-Statesman.

Perry booked on felonies, then has ice cream

After taking care of courthouse business, Perry put a light twist on the day by tweeting, “And then, ice cream cone at #Sandy's,” complete with a photo. The juxtaposition of the weighty moment and the flippant footnote was typical Perry, who has maintained he'll prevail in the case.

Why Rick Perry May Be Out of Luck

Governor Rick Perry of Texas and President Barack Obama, strangest of bedfellows, are making similar discoveries about the scope of prosecutorial discretion. In short, it’s very broad.