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TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 2/23/15

The UT/TT Poll on presidential primaries, guns, taxes, government, education and immigration, Aguilar on an “e” without a “verify,” Batheja on efforts to cut property taxes, Blanchard on obstacles for the governor’s UT regent nominees, Livingston interviews one of the new guys in Washington, McCrimmon on the woes of the Texas Racing Commission and Root on the seeds of that discontent, Walters on sick Texans and experimental drugs, Satija and Root on consumers and weights and measures, M. Smith on the governor’s push for early education, Dehn and Rocha with this week’s video Roundup: The best of our best content from Feb. 23 to 27, 2015.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 2/16/15

Aaronson, McCrimmon and Satija team up to score Greg Abbott’s lawsuits, Root on Abbott’s first State of the State speech, Langford on the state of the judiciary, M. Smith on shaky graduation prospects for 28,000 high school seniors, Ura on the validity of the state’s first same-sex marriage, Aguilar on the congressional deadlock on homeland security funding, Batheja on where a bullet train might go, Blanchard and Malewitz on where cars can be sold, McCrimmon notes a big election upset, E. Smith interviews Joaquin Castro, Walters on home health care and aging TexansThe best of our best content from Feb. 16 to 20, 2015.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 2/9/15

Batheja on Hegar's Rainy Day proposal, Blanchard and Malewitz detail the UT admissions review, McCrimmon on Wal-Mart suing for the right to sell alcohol, Ura on an Alabama ruling's potential impact on gay marriage in Texas, Malewitz on the financial woes of the state's largest public retirement system, M. Smith on the gun debate at the Capitol, Livingston on Cruz touting senators' foreign policy experience, Langford on whether HHSC's 21CT contract was built on a lie, and Ura on $36,000 of taxpayer money going toward OIG badges: The best of our best content from Feb. 9-13, 2015.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 2/2/15

Langford finds some seats of power, M. Smith on who didn’t get their shots, Aaronson and Malewitz chart the drop in drilling, Aguilar and Malewitz on the timing of Mexico’s energy reforms, Batheja has the rundown on House committees, Satija interviews Molly White about Muslims, Blanchard has a quick history of Texas politicians on that subject, Daniel and Aaronson and Murphy update the Texas Hospitals Explorer, E. Smith’s interview with UT Chancellor William McRaven, Hershaw on texting-while-driving legislation, Livingston talks to Rick Perry, Root on Greg Abbott’s first veto threat, Walters finds echoes of an old battle in a new one, Rocha and Dehn with this week’s video roundupThe best of our best content from Feb. 2-6, 2015.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 1/26/15

Hamilton and Ura on a state legislator’s message to Texas Muslims, Aguilar on immigrants’ tuition rates, Batheja on a big property tax proposal, Blanchard watches car wars, Rocha and Dehn add tuition for veterans and property taxes to their State of Mind series, Langford with the latest on Rick Perry’s indictment, M. Smith reports on self-induced problems for gun advocates, Walters on the decision not to prosecute the state’s attorney general, E. Smith’s interview with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Satija on high school football and water: The best of our best content from Jan. 26-30, 2015.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 1/19/15

Hamilton on the inaugurations and on Greg Abbott’s first university appointments, M. Smith on historic Senate rule changes and — with Aaronson and McCullough — on the interests of the lieutenant governor’s outside advisers, Langford and Blanchard and Aaronson on higher ed and highways, Aguilar on Mexican governors not attending the inauguration, Walters and Daniel on Texas hospitals and Medicare, Rocha and Dehn on local control and fracking, Livingston on Ben Carson’s Houston-based campaign chief, Batheja on a private toll road company’s fight with Texas: The best of our best content from Jan. 19-23, 2015.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 1/12/15

Aaronson and Murphy roll out a new bill and issue tracker, Batheja on Joe Straus’ re-election as speaker, Hamilton on Perry’s last address to the Legislature, Malewitz and McCrimmon track tweets from the opening day of the 84th Legislature, Satija and Malewitz on Washington’s methane plans, Ura and McCullough on the makeup of the Texas Legislature, Langford and Hamilton on the future of HHSC chief Kyle Janek, Hershaw on changes in state policy on cupcakes, and Rocha and Dehn with this week’s political roundup: The best of our best content from Jan. 12 to 16, 2015.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 1/5/15

Livingston, Daniel and McCullough on the Texas ties in the next presidential race, Blanchard has the latest election results, Aguilar on attempts to slip past border security, Hamilton sits down with the new chancellor at the University of Texas, Hershaw prepares a goodbye for some license plates, Langford with the latest in a state contracting scandal, McCrimmon on Gov.-elect Greg Abbott’s plans and M. Smith on Lt. Gov.-elect Dan Patrick’s priorities, Ura on the legal battle over Texas abortion laws, Satija on the prospects for a controversial Dallas water supply, Murphy notes an update to our Salaries Explorer, and Dehn and Rocha with this week’s political roundup: The best of our best content for Jan. 5 to 9, 2015.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 12/29/14

The best of our best content from December 29, 2014, to January 2, 2015, included material from of our wide-ranging series on Gov. Rick Perry's legacy: Aguilar on his immigration record, Batheja on transportation and economic development, M. Smith on public education, Hamilton on higher education (and also some of his memorable but less-than-stellar moments), Langford on criminal justice, Malewitz on alternative energy, Satija on the decrease in smog, Ura and Walters on public healthcare programs, and yours truly on his mix of luck and skill.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 12/22/14

Aguilar on the continuing surge of immigrants from Central America, Daniel and M. Smith collect the best quotes of the year, Rocha and Dehn with this week’s video roundup, Hamilton on grumbling about LBJ’s portrayal in a new movie, M. Smith and Langford on a top official who says he was misled by his staff, Reynolds on the trail from the state budget to Mongolia, Walters on health care sharing ministries, and all of our reporters pick their favorite stories of the year: The best of our best content from Dec. 22-26, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 12/15/14

Aguilar on Texas and Cuba, Batheja on the man who would be speaker, Rocha and Dehn on mental health workers, Hamilton on a push for a posthumous degree, Langford and Blanchard on a developing contracting scandal at HHSC, Livingston on a lawsuit and a Texas congressman, Malewitz on urban oil and gas drilling, Satija on the governor’s plans for a goodbye speech, E. Smith’s interview with U.S. Rep.-elect Will Hurd, M. Smith on what’s in store for public education next year: The best of our best content from Dec. 15-19, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 12/8/14

Aguilar on high hopes in Laredo, Batheja on Abbott’s transportation aims, Rocha and Dehn with a video roundup of the week’s news, Hamilton reports on a looming beer brawl, Langford follows a ruling on death penalty drug suppliers, Murphy with a guide to who’s in and who’s out in Texas politics, E. Smith’s interview with three new state senators, M. Smith on math hurdles in public schools, Ura on the consolidation of the state’s health and human services operations: The best of our best content from Dec. 8 to Dec. 12, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 12/01/14

Ayala on the Governor's Mansion being tweaked for Abbott, our symposium on the 84th Legislature, Ramsey looks at lawmakers racing ahead of a fundraising deadline, Batheja details a debate over a budget spending cap, Blanchard on Abbott's suit over Obama's executive order, Hamilton looks at Perry stepping up his presidential game, Langford on a court halting an inmate's execution, Rocha on a mental health initiative for veterans, Walters on recommendations from the Senate Health Committee: The best of our best content from Dec. 1 to Dec. 6, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 11/24

Satija introduces a new state representative, Root on Texas Republicans and immigration, Langford on the state’s next lawsuit, Rocha and Dehn’s video roundup of the week, Malewitz on college students and fracking, Batheja on new highway money, Aguilar on a new rail line on the Texas-Mexico border, and yours truly on the depth of the Republican wins in statewide elections: The best of our best for the week of Nov. 24 to Nov. 28, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 11/17/14

Batheja on school district property tax breaks; Ura's look at San Antonio's political springboard; Satija's investigation into the health effects of drilling; Aguilar's look at the Texas effects of Obama's executive action; Malewitz visits a rebuilding West; M. Smith on the latest wrangling over history textbooks; Langford's report on Rick Perry's prosecutor: The best of our best content from Nov. 17-21, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 11/10/14

Hamilton profiles the state's infectious disease task force chief, Ramsey looks at a new door for Van de Putte, Batheja has the latest on the speaker's race, Walters on an Abbott pick endorsing a Medicaid expansion plan, Satija on San Antonio's hunt for water, Dehn looks at the impact of rising prices in oil-rich regions, Root gets details on dysfunction in the Davis campaign and Blanchard looks at bills already filed ahead of the 2015 legislative session: The best of our best content from Nov. 10-14, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 11/3/14

Root’s post-op reports on the Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis campaigns for governor, Hamilton on what went wrong with Battleground Texas, Batheja on a perennial campaign theme that doesn’t seem to work, Reynolds on the other stuff on Texas ballots this week, Murphy maps the county-by-county turnout change from 2010 to 2014 in the governor’s race, Aaronson and Blanchard and Ayala introduce the new folks in the Texas Legislature, Aguilar on the post-election prospects for immigration reform, Langford on what happened at Gov. Rick Perry's court hearing: The best of our best for the week of Nov. 3 to 7, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 10/27/14

The Shale Life — our multimedia project on the oil and gas boom’s effect on Texas, Aguilar on a Valley Republican playing defense, Hamilton looks in on a hot House race on the Texas coast, Malewitz’s interview with T. Boone Pickens, Murphy cracks open the latest set of campaign finance filings, Reynolds on names that seem to leap off the ballot, Satija on the latest candidate from a famous Texas family, M. Smith’s report on two competitive campaigns in conservative Tarrant County, and Ura on demographics and politics in Dallas County: The best of our best for the week of Oct. 27 to 31, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 10/20/14

The latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll on the race for governor and the hypothetical race for president in 2016, Batheja on conversations about high-speed rail in Texas, Rocha and Dehn’s interview with actor/activist Eva Longoria, Ayala and Hamilton on a case of campaign embezzlement, Malewitz on a steep drop in oil prices, Walters and Root on what the state could have done — and didn’t — in its Ebola response, Satija on a dispute over ozone between regulators and scientists, E. Smith’s TribLive with top East Texas lawmakers, M. Smith on textbooks and Texas regulators: The best of our best for the week of Oct. 20 to Oct. 24, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 10/13/14

Aguilar on the battle for the 23rd Congressional District, Batheja on a fight over speech and religion in Houston, Dehn and Rocha on the confusion over voter ID laws, Hamilton finds UT retooling online courses, Malewitz on rising complaints against electric utilities, Murphy’s latest analysis of campaign finance reports, Root pays some attention to AG hopeful Sam Houston, Satija and Vanetta on the state’s loss of rural land, M. Smith on high-stakes testing and legislative deadlines, Ura on Dan Patrick’s property tax proposals: The best of our best for the week of Oct. 13-17, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 10/6/14

Walters on the quiet race for attorney general, Ura on a politician at the center of the Ebola crisis, Rocha and Dehn on legislative hearings on that outbreak, E. Smith takes TribLive to Rice University to talk health care, Aguilar on an unusual tourist destination, Wiseman and Batheja on the coming road money vote, Hamilton on a mixed reception for fixed-rate tuition, Malewitz on a candidate mixing oil and water, yours truly on a federal judge’s ruling against voter ID, Root on problems with workers’ comp data and discrimination: The best of our best for the week of Oct. 6-10, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 9/29/14

Aaronson’s map of abortion clinics closed in the wake of a new state law, Aguilar on a battle over border coal mining, Batheja and Vanetta track money and jobs in state incentive programs, Langford on a high-court judge’s voter ID lawsuit against the state of Texas, Craigmile and Murphy update our campaign finance app, Root on the final Abbott-Davis debate, the questions that didn’t make the cut in the Patrick-Van de Putte debate, Satija on the most expensive water in Texas, Ura and Walters on the state’s readiness for an infectious disease outbreak: The best of our best for the week of Sept. 29 to Oct. 3, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 9/22/14

Batheja on a damning audit of one of the state’s major business incentive funds, Hamilton on findings that a big university owes the state $75.6 million, Aguilar on military hardware on the border, Langford on closing arguments in the lawsuit against the state’s voter ID requirements, Malewitz on new life for an energy efficiency plan, Satija and Malewitz on the governor’s push for natural gas, E. Smith’s interview with U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, M. Smith on doubts about high school graduation rates and college readiness, and Walters on an effort to change the state’s care for Texans with disabilities: The best of our best for the week of Sept. 22-26, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 9/15/14

Walters on law enforcement and same-sex marriage, Ura and Vanetta on uninsured Texans, Ayala and M. Smith on flawed social studies textbooks, Root on the first debate in the governor’s race, Rocha on a “Petroleum Academy” in Midland, Malewitz on oil and gas and tainted water, Langford on how grand juries are picked in Texas, Hamilton on college recommendation letters from lawmakers and others, Batheja on Texas officials’ love affair with toll roads, Aguilar on immigrants finding refuge in El Paso: The best of our best for the week of Sept. 15-19, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 9/8/14

Satija on growing interest in a Central Texas aquifer, Ramsey on a potential mandate for the next governor, Hamilton looks at a growing collaboration between the UT System and Mexican institutions, Ayala details Abbott's ethics complaint against Davis, Root has the latest worker fatality statistics, M. Smith on the state's school finance defense, Aguilar projects how an end to deferred action might impact Texas, Rocha and Dehn highlight a program helping veterans behind bars, and Blanchard and Reynolds cover a Senate special election: The best of our best content from Sept. 8-12, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 9/1/14

Root reports on the blurry line between Van de Putte's personal and public business, Satija interviews George P. Bush on environmental issues, E. Smith gets a sit-down with Wallace Hall, Ura tracks the legal battle over Texas’ new abortion law, Aguilar on a place where party ties trump scandal, Batheja on the hazards of economic forecasting, Hamilton on the odds for four-year degrees at community colleges, Langford on the challenge to the state’s voter ID law, Malewitz with a tale of burning water and free speech: The best of our best for the week of Sept. 1-5, 2014.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 8/25/14

M. Smith has the ruling on the state’s unconstitutional school finance system, Batheja, Aaronson, Murphy and Vanetta explore government debt in cities and schools and in bond elections, Duner, Ura and MacLaggan on Texans who missed out on the miracle, Malewitz on shocking energy bills in West Texas, Aguilar on the border reception for National Guard troops, Langford’s profile of the judge who could hear the case against the governor, Satija on the politics of recycling: The best of our best for the week of Aug. 25 to 29, 2014. 

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 8/18

Root and Langford et al. on Gov. Rick Perry’s new defense team’s arguments, how they are being paidhis response to the criminal charge, the contention that a cancer research investigation is unrelated to the charges, Ayala and Aaronson and Wiseman on the lawyers in the Perry case, Batheja on the liberal group that started it all, Rocha and Dehn catch the governor’s unusual booking rally, Aguilar on some friction over law enforcement on the border, Hamilton details the hiring of the new chancellor at the University of Texas, Malewitz on the expansion of the state’s only radioactive waste site, Satija on a land purchase financed with oil spill money, M. Smith reports on private training programs for teachers and Ura finds some glitches that threaten health care coverage for some immigrants: The best of our best for the week of Aug. 18 to 22, 2014.