Tribpedia: Texas Democratic Trust

The Texas Democratic Trust is a political action committee dedicated to helping Democrats achieve a majority in the state House of Representatives by 2010 and one or more statewide offices.

The Trust was founded by Fred Baron, a Dallas lawyer, in September 2005. Matt Angle is the current director of the Trust.

Baron died of complications from cancer in October ...

Redistricting Reality

In 2011, political mapmakers will take the latest census numbers (Texas is expected to have a population of more than 25 million) and use them to draw new congressional and legislative districts. The last time this was done, in 2003, Republican mappers took control of the U.S. House by peeling away seats from the Democrats. This time, Texas is poised to add up to four seats to its congressional delegation — and early numbers indicate bad news ahead for West Texas and other areas that haven't kept up with the state's phenomenal growth.

Ed Martin
Ed Martin

Rational Numbers

In every major urban and suburban Texas county, where the vast majority of Texans cast their ballots, the Democratic vote share increased betweeen 2004 and 2008. Montgomery County was the single exception. In Denton, Collin, Fort Bend, and Williamson Counties — four of the five most populous traditionally Republican suburban counties — the Democratic vote rose.