Tribpedia: Steve Munisteri


Steve Munisteri is the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. He defeated sitting chair Cathie Adams for the two-year position in a runoff at the party's biennial convention on June 12, 2010.

Munisteri, a retired attorney and businessman from Houston, emerged from a three-way fight for the chairmanship in which the party's debt — $501,000, according to ...


Steve Munisteri campaigning for Texas GOP chairman.
Steve Munisteri campaigning for Texas GOP chairman.

Tea Party Leader Says He Misspoke About Black Voters

UPDATED: Dallas Tea Party leader Ken Emanuelson says he misspoke when he said last month that Republicans don't want to encourage blacks to vote because they overwhelmingly support Democrats. State GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri had said Emanuelson's remarks don't reflect the party's position.

The 37 Interviews We've Conducted ... So Far

Not to be-Labor the point, but on this Day when we pause to celebrate the men and women of Texas (and elsewhere) who work for a living, we thought we'd show off the sweat and toil of our crack interviewers. Nearly every Trib reporter has sat down with a few of the most interesting and newsworthy Texans over the last few months: current and former elected officials, authors and activists, operatives and candidates, and policy wonks of all types and stripes. Thus far we've conducted 37 so-called "TT Interviews" (a respectful riff on the Rolling Stone Interviews that many of us grew up reading) and presented them as audio, video, a transcript or some combination of the above. This non-narrative form is an effective and compelling way to tell the unfiltered stories of Texas politics, public policy and government; enjoy. And happy holiday.

Texas GOP Incorporates Some Tea Party Positions

If the rainbow flavors of the Tea Party feature a common taste, it’s that of fiscally restrained government — and the anti-Washington and pro-state fervor that comes along with it. Not coincidentally, that was the overwhelming theme of the GOP's recent convention, setting the tone — as the Democrats did in their state gathering — for the November general election.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of Jun 14, 2010

M. Smith's interview with the new chair of the Texas GOP, Philpott on Republicans and Tea Partiers living in harmony, Aguilar on Immigration and Customs Enforcement's not-yet-released strategic plan, Ramshaw's tragic tale of out-of-state kids in Texas treatment centers, Grissom on how budget cuts could impact juvenile justice, Stiles' awesome new population app, Galbraith on the decline of the Ogallala Aquifer, Hamilton's interview with the commissioner of higher education and the debut of Hu's new video debate series: The best of our best from June 14 to 19, 2010.

Gov. Rick Perry being endorsed by his former GOP primary rival, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, at the 2010 Republican Party of Texas Convention.
Gov. Rick Perry being endorsed by his former GOP primary rival, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, at the 2010 Republican Party of Texas Convention.

Ideological Rift Rears Head at Texas GOP Convention

The ouster of Cathie Adams as the titular head of the Republican Party of Texas was the biggest news at its biennial convention this weekend. There was also open hostility toward Speaker Joe Straus, predictable fretting about a rift between moderates and conservatives and, of course, a laser-like focus on the state GOP's common enemy: Washington.

Cathie Adams, Tom Mechler, and Steve Munisteri
Cathie Adams, Tom Mechler, and Steve Munisteri

Three Candidates Vying to Lead State GOP

Two candidates hope to unseat Republican Party of Texas chair Cathie Adams at next month's state convention in Dallas. The biggest issue isn't their ideological differences — there are none. It's the effectiveness of the party in organizing voter support, and, to a lesser degree, how willing the GOP should be to reach across the aisle and seek common ground.