Tribpedia: Steve Mostyn


Steve Mostyn is a Houston-based lawyer and president of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association who became the largest political donor to Texas Democrats during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign cycle. He and his wife, Amber Anderson, pledged to give at least $3 million toward the goal of defeating Gov. Rick Perry and Republican candidates for the Legislature. In the first half ...


Larry Taylor, Steve Mostyn and David Dewhurst
Larry Taylor, Steve Mostyn and David Dewhurst

Political Storm Erupts Over Ike Claims

The former TWIA chief says two top Republicans tried to pressure him into fighting more cases and complained that fees paid to lawyers were ending up in Democratic coffers. The Republicans said their actions were appropriate.

Senator Ted Cruz R-Texas speaks to press during a visit to Killeen Texas on December 3rd, 2013.
Senator Ted Cruz R-Texas speaks to press during a visit to Killeen Texas on December 3rd, 2013.

The Brief: Texas Political News for Dec. 19, 2013

In a wide ranging interview with The Texas Tribune's Jay Root, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz refused to say whom he favored in the primary contest between John Cornyn and Steve Stockman, said he's working on renouncing his Canadian citizenship and had little to say about a potential run for the White House in 2016.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 12/27/10

Galbraith on why the Lege meets only every two years, Hu picks the year's best political moments on video, Ramsey on the personalities who mattered in 2010, Stiles on lobbyists with conflicts of interest and what the census means for redistricting, yours truly on the new Cameron Todd Willingham documentary, Grissom on cockfighting and Trillin on Sissy Farenthold: The best of our best from Dec. 23 to 27, 2010.

Political Faces of 2010

2010 didn't turn out like it looked a year ago. Unexpected people showed up. The political environment bloomed red instead of blue. The Tea was strong. And big shots turned into paper tigers. Here are some of the political personalities who mattered.

AG Opinion: TWIA Settlement Should Be Public

The Texas attorney general's office is weighing in on the back-and-forth between the Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency and Democratic attorney Steve Mostyn, who has been fighting in the courts to keep Hurricane Ike settlement details private.

White and Perry Make Their Closing Arguments

On the final weekend of the gubernatorial campaign, Gov. Rick Perry was in Midland — exactly where he was on the final weekend of the Republican primary — pushing the same anti-Washington message that has kept him comfortably ahead in the polls for most of 2010. "Make no mistake," he told the assembled crowd, "this is a national election." His Democratic challenger, Bill White, was in a leafy Houston neighborhood, knocking on doors, energizing volunteers and insisting that the pundits and promulgators of conventional wisdom are dead wrong. "We have broad support," White insisted. "We are in a position to win this race."

Prolific Donor Has Given $66 Million Since 2000

Over the last decade, two Republicans with the last name Perry have dominated the Texas political landscape. One is Rick, the state’s longest-serving governor. The other is Bob (no relation), the state’s largest individual political donor during that time — with no close second. Since 2000, the wealthy Houston home builder has contributed about $28 million to more than 400 candidates and political action committees in Texas, according to an analysis of campaign-finance data by The Texas Tribune. During that time, he's also contributed at least $38 million more to candidates and groups outside of Texas.

UT/TT Poll: Perry 50, White 40, Glass 8, Shafto 2

Republican Gov. Rick Perry leads his Democratic challenger, Bill White by 10 points — 50 percent to 40 percent — in the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll. Libertarian Kathie Glass has the support of 8 percent of respondents; Deb Shafto of the Green Party gets 2 percent. In the last UT/TT poll, conducted in early September, Perry led by 6 points, 39 percent to 33 percent. In a red state in a red year, GOP incumbents in other statewide races are beating their Democratic opponents by between 13 points and 20 points, the new poll found.