Tribpedia: School Finance

School finance describes the method in which Texas public schools are funded. Public elementary and secondary education in Texas is financed by a combination of state and local revenue.

The local source of operating revenue for school districts is the property tax. This is what leads to wide disparities in education spending, as some districts with expensive commercial property have ...

Eanes ISD school bus mechanic Chase Roberts washes the dirt off the advertising on Eanes ISD school buses in Westlake, Texas Tuesday February 14, 2012.
Eanes ISD school bus mechanic Chase Roberts washes the dirt off the advertising on Eanes ISD school buses in Westlake, Texas Tuesday February 14, 2012.

Texas Schools Look to Advertising to Fill Budget Gaps

Texas school districts are getting into the advertising game as they look for ways to make ends meet after major state budget cuts. But with few guidelines about what kinds of ads are appropriate for football fields and school buses, some researchers question whether schools fully grasp the consequences of creeping commercialism.

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Weekend Insider: Abortion Sonogram Law, Cancelling Highschool Sp

Until courts can hash out the state's abortion sonogram law, Texas must begin enforcing the new regulations. Emily Ramshaw explains how family planning clinics are complying. Under threat of closure by the state, one Texas school district is doing something unheard of: It's canceling all sports. Morgan Smith takes us to Premont, Texas.

Read more on these stories in this weekend's editions of The New York Times, and The Texas Tribune.

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Travis County Courthouse in Austin, Texas.
Travis County Courthouse in Austin, Texas.

Government by Lawsuit Gives Cover to Texas Lawmakers

Judges have been telling legislators what to do since we set up government to replace knife fights and bar brawls. Over the years, lawmakers have learned some things. Importantly, voters will let their elected officials break their promises if the courts are holding gavels over their heads. School finance, for instance.

Schools and Taxes: The Next Big Thing

Texas Weekly

The primary elections come in less than five months. The general election is about a year away. When that's all out of the way, we'll all be talking about lawsuits — some that have been filed, some that will be filed later — on school finance and franchise taxes.

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Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio
Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio

School Finance Suit Takes Shape

Texas Weekly

Within the education community, there have been rumors about a possible school finance lawsuit since well before the legislative session got under way. Now, with $4 billion less in public funding and a daunting new student assessment program on the horizon, those rumors have become a reality.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 8/8/11

Our all-hands-on-deck series on new laws — 31 Days, 31 Ways — continues, Root covers a challenge to the governor's school finance fix and the tax that makes it work, Philpott forecasts a presidential media tsunami will hit Texas, Murphy with a look at midyear campaign reports from candidates and PACs in Texas, yours truly on the quiet spot at the top of the 2014 ballot, Hamilton on government-required vaccinations against meningitis, Grissom reports on the heat wave in un-air-conditioned Texas jails, Aguilar on the private security business along the state's border with Mexico and M. Smith's interview with Nicole Hurd on how to get more high school students into college: The best of our best content from Aug. 8 to 12, 2011.