Tribpedia: Rick Perry

James Richard "Rick" Perry, the longest-serving governor in Texas history, was sworn in as the state's 47th chief executive on Dec. 21, 2000, replacing then-Gov. George W. Bush upon his ascendancy to the White House. Perry was elected to a four-year term in 2002 and re-elected in 2006 and 2010. On July 8, 2013, Perry announced he would not ...

TribLive: A Conversation About Cameron Todd Willingham

Following our Tuesday night screening of Incendiary: The Willingham Case, I talked about the science of fire and death penalty politics with the filmmakers, Steve Mims and Joe Bailey Jr.; former Forensic Science Commission Chairman Sam Bassett; former Texas Gov. Mark White; and acting Corsicana City Attorney Terry Jacobson.

Trucking Program Raises Border Policy Questions

Some Texas Republicans are embracing a cross-border trucking agreement between the U.S. and Mexico that labor unions worry could kill jobs and drastically reduce border security. The binational agreement would end a years-long stand off between the two countries by recognizing an original provision of the North American Free Trade Agreement that allows U.S. and Mexican tractor-trailers to travel beyond the current 20- to 25-mile limits.


TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of 7/4/11

Aguilar on a change in law that affects applications for state-issued IDs, Galbraith on how the drought is taking its toll on wildlife, Hamilton on an outsider's attempt to lower the cost of higher ed, Murphy visualizes the partisanship of House members, Ramsey on who becomes Lite Guv if David Dewhurst takes another job, Ramshaw on life in the colonias and three stories about Rick Perry — Grissom on how his death penalty stance might play in a 2012 presidential race, Root on how he cemented his reputation as one of the state's most powerful governors and Tan on the growing demand for him to speak elsewhere: The best of our best content from July 4 to July 8, 2011.

Video: PerryTracker Shows Texas Governor In Demand

Now that the legislative session is over, Gov. Rick Perry is free to leave the state as much as he wants. In fact, he has scheduled nearly a dozen trips over the next few months all over the country. We've created the PerryTracker map to follow his travels, but what's really behind the demand for his appearances? We talk to event organizers in Colorado and Alabama to find out.

Perry's TWIA Nemesis Promises to Continue His Fight

Trial lawyer Steve Mostyn insists Gov. Rick Perry and GOP legislators punished him for donating millions to Democrats by putting his clients — coastal homeowners — in the crosshairs. "It's straight-up vendetta politics," he says, vowing to create a national political action committee that will gather opposition research on Perry if he runs for president.

Perry's Death Penalty Stance a Mixed Bag Nationally

In tough-on-crime Texas, Rick Perry has overseen the executions of 230 prisoners — more than any other modern governor. But as he eyes a bid for the White House, his willingness to implement the death penalty and his fervent denial of the possibility Texas may have executed an innocent man could have mixed consequences.

TribWeek: Top Texas News for the Week of June 27, 2011

Tan on how it all came out in the special session, Tan and Dehn on what the Tea Party folks thought of the results, Aguilar on Rick Perry's uneasy relationship with Latinos, Root on Perry's past positions on various controversies and how those would figure into a presidential race, Ramshaw on a $90 million health care mistake, yours truly on the candidates falling out of the race for the U.S. Senate, Hamilton's exit interview with former University of Texas advisor Rick O'Donnell, Grissom on Anthony Graves' payday, and Galbraith on the Texas drought's effect on hallowed athletic grounds: The best of our best content from June 27 to July 1, 2011.

Texas Forensic Science Commission members (left to right) Dr Stanley Hamilton,  Dr. Nizam Peerwani and Lance Evans on April 14th, 2011
Texas Forensic Science Commission members (left to right) Dr Stanley Hamilton, Dr. Nizam Peerwani and Lance Evans on April 14th, 2011

Perry Chooses New Forensic Science Board Chairman

Gov. Rick Perry today announced he has appointed Dr. Nizam Peerwani, a well-known Fort Worth medical examiner, to lead the Texas Forensic Science Commission. He replaces Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley as leader of the panel that has been embroiled in controversy practically since its inception. Bradley failed to win Senate confirmation during the legislative session that ended last month.

A boy waves an American flag at an immigration rally held in Dallas on May Day.
A boy waves an American flag at an immigration rally held in Dallas on May Day.

The Brief: Top Texas News for July 1, 2011

Since most Texas counties have fireworks bans in effect this July 4 weekend, what better way to celebrate than recalling the legislative fireworks of recent weeks and imagining those still to come on the campaign trail?