Tribpedia: Redistricting


Redistricting is the revision or replacement of existing representative districts. It results in new districts with different "lines" or geographical boundaries. The purpose of redistricting is to equalize population in state and congressional districts after publication of the United States census, and to ensure that minority populations are considered. 

Redistricting in Texas is mandated by the Texas Constitution of 1876 ...


The Never-Ending Story

Texas Weekly

There is a date for primary elections, but it's uncertain. And there is one redistricting map done, with two to go. And for what it's worth, the judges seem to be in a hurry.

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Uncharted, Still

Texas Weekly

Start here: The judges in charge of the redistricting case in Texas haven't rejected the maps proposed by the state and agreed to by some but not all of the plaintiffs. They simply observed that no deal has been made to satisfy everyone and told everyone to keep talking and get ready for a hearing next week.

Redistricting: Phone a Friend

Texas Weekly

This week, the redistricting judges in Washington did the judges in San Antonio a favor, telling them the D.C. panel won't be ruling on its part of the case for a month. The Texans can start drawing maps.

Back to San Antonio for Maps and Dates

Texas Weekly

Three federal judges in San Antonio are going back, literally, to the drawing board for new political maps for Texas, and to decide when to have primary elections. The same things, in other words, they were trying to work out in November.