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Map: Not All Voting Age Populations Are Equal

Having each House or Senate district match the others in size masks big differences that greatly affect politics and elections. Though districts have the same number of people, they don't necessarily have the same number of adults — meaning not all voting age populations are equal. Use our maps to explore the numbers and see how House and Senate districts compare to statewide averages.

Carona's Take on Gay Rights Reflects Changing Attitudes

While state Sen. John Carona's comments on his "evolving" attitude toward certain gay rights issues have garnered plenty of negative attention from conservative groups, the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll shows the Republican lawmaker's views are consistent with changing attitudes among many Texans

Carona issued a statement in response to our request for an interview about his comments and the poll data: "Consistent with my voting record, I do not support gay marriage. This is my view, and I believe it reflects the view of an overwhelming majority of voters in Senate District 16."

Texas Capitol
Texas Capitol

The Mother Lode for Redistricting Nerds

Texas Weekly

The Texas Legislative Council has a terrific redistricting section on its website, with full statistical reporting on all of the new maps, including geography, demographics, incumbencies, and election results all the way back to 2002.

Debbie Irvine Discusses Texas Legislative Council

The newly christened executive director of the Texas Legislative Council on how the upcoming legislative session is going to be difficult, how technology has changed her job, whether redistricting maps can get drawn and agreed upon by June and how she keep politics from impacting her job.

Texas Legislature Filing More Bills Than Ever

Legislative filings increased in the Texas House and Senate by 70 percent from 1991 to 2009, records show, and the number of bills and resolutions passed by both chambers climbed at a higher rate. Resolutions alone numbered about 4,000 last session, or more than half of all legislation. Explore our interactive graphics.