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The school finance trial involving more than two-thirds of Texas school districts and most of its charter schools kicked off Oct. 22. It is the sixth time in the last 40 years that Texas has had to address how it funds public schools — but there are new players in the courtroom this time, including a recently formed organization representing business interests and school choice advocates.

To keep track of what is sure to be the lawsuit's lengthy journey through the court system, we've collected all of our coverage, from the battles of the last legislative session to the latest developments in the case.

Here, you'll find links to the latest updates from The Texas Tribune and other news outlets, as well as our extensive guides to the state's school finance system and the legal arguments from all six parties in the case.

Inside the Unraveling of School Finance Legislation

In the end, a late-night filibuster in the Senate killed school finance for the regular session. But SB 1581’s crash-and-burn in the House, which put a behind-closed-doors conference committee in charge of decisions about how to distribute $4 billion in cuts across school districts, is an odyssey worth revisiting as lawmakers take up the issue in their special session.