Gov. Rick Perry Gives His Final Pitch to Voters

Gov. Rick Perry says he knows "it's a marathon, not a sprint" to November as he muses about the final days in the race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

“I treat every campaign seriously,” he says. “Nobody’s gonna outwork me. Nobody can put in more hours and go more places and do more things than I do.”

Candidates' Final Days Before the Texas Primar

From left to right: Farouk Shami, Bill White, Debra Medina, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Rick Perry
From left to right: Farouk Shami, Bill White, Debra Medina, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Rick Perry

Whether or not the outcome of tomorrow's gubernatorial primary is conclusive — whether or not we have a runoff six weeks hence — we can say this with certainty: One of the five main candidates on the ballot will be the next governor of Texas. And this: 40 hours from now, we'll know much more about the state's coming political landscape than we do today. While we bide our time and wait for results, we present these final snapshots of the campaigns as they wound down.

Medina Believes Tea Party Beliefs Will Bring a Win

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Debra Medina's final pitch to her supporters in her roller coaster ride of a primary campaign.

“We’ll do a runoff if we have to," she said Saturday. "I’d like to secure it outright." She paused and smiled. "It will be the upset of the century if that happens."

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