Perry and White Separately Speak to Broadcasters

Gov. Rick Perry and his Democratic challenger, Bill White, appeared on the same stage in Austin on Thursday. But anyone itching for a debate between the two was disappointed. The candidates were separated on the schedule by other speakers and were never even in the room at the same time. Ben Philpott of KUT News and the Tribune filed this report.

Perry vs. White on Financial Openness

Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday that his opponent, Bill White, needs to reveal his tax returns from the years he was deputy energy secretary before the two can publicly debate. Perry further suggested White may be hiding something. White insisted the financial disclosure forms he submitted as part of his confirmation process are far more thorough than his income tax records, and those forms are already publicly available.

Like Perry, White Takes Contributions From Appointees

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White discusses ethics during a recent news conference from the Travis County Democratic Party headquarters.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White is again attacking his Republican opponent, Gov. Rick Perry, for accepting contributions from political appointees — but the former Houston mayor is no stranger to the practice, according to a Texas Tribune analysis of campaign and city records. White has raised nearly $2 million over his years in public life from the people he appointeed to boards and commissions.

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