Stiles Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Ronald Evin Hargrove 44 CAPITAL MURDER 4/1/2002 Life Harris Fort Bend
Joe Luis Astran 59 CAPITAL MURDER 1/31/2010 Life Travis Travis
Douglas Ray Boehm 55 AGG SEX ASLT 5/12/2010 Life Orange Orange
John Dennis Clayton Anthony 23 AGG SEX ASLT 12/17/2013 Life Bailey Victoria
Anthony Damron 48 AGG SEX ASLT 12/19/1997 Life Williamson Travis
Hiram De La Cruz 37 CAPITAL MURDER 5/29/2012 Life Harris Harris
Ivan Castaneda 32 INJURY TO CHILD 8/30/2006 Life Harris Harris
Vincent Dewayne Adams 31 CAPITAL MURDER 1/6/2006 Life Dallas Dallas
Jeremiah Denby 55 AGG SEXUAL ASLT/CHILD 7/10/2006 Life Houston Houston
Raymond Bruce Campbell 67 AGG SEXUAL ASSAULT W/DDLY 6/25/1987 Life Erath Taylor
James Edward Derrick 44 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 9/12/2013 Life Dallas Dallas
Patrick Lamont Dean 41 AGG ROBBERY 3/10/2005 Life Dallas Dallas
Raymond Ayala 33 MURDER 5/2/2003 Life Harris Harris
Henry Gonzales, Jr 60 MURDER 1/18/2013 Life Travis Travis
James Michael Duke 38 ATT COMM CAPITAL MURDER 5/8/1996 Life Harris Harris
Donald Ray Caldwell 57 INDEC W/CHILD 2/16/2014 Life Williamson Williamson
Andrew Lee Hood 39 MURDER 12/31/1998 Life Denton Denton
Raymond W Denton 55 INDEC W/CHILD 9/26/2003 Life Hardin Hardin
Luis Aponte 63 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 9/13/1996 Life Harris Harris
James Dean Diaz 57 AGG ROBBERY 10/22/1996 Life Harris Harris
J B Harrell, Jr 40 INJURY TO CHILD 4/21/2003 Life Brown Brown
Yonas Telde Abraha 38 MURDER 5/9/2011 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Alvino Borrego 45 AGG KIDNAPPING 2/4/1997 Life Dallas Dallas
Eliseo Gonzales Garza 60 CAPITAL MURDER 12/15/1997 Life Bexar Bexar
Romaine Yvain Harrison 40 CAPITAL MURDER 6/14/2012 Life Harris Harris
William Louis Dean 61 AGGRAVATED ROBBERY 10/14/2008 Life Montgomery Harris
Frank Dale Digges 58 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 4/13/2004 Life Harris Montgomery
David Allen 55 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 1/16/2014 Life Harris Harris
James H Gentry 72 THEFT O/$200K 8/28/2008 Life Collin Denton
Antonio Deleon 40 AGG ASSAULT 1/4/2013 Life Victoria Victoria

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