Stiles Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Tommy Ray Kneeland 66 MURDER W/MALICE AFORETHOUGHT 9/5/2007 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Miguel Pineda 46 CAPITAL MURDER 9/14/2005 Life Harris
Abel David Alarcon 39 CAPITAL MURDER 9/4/1997 Life Midland Midland
Johnny Ervin Choice 61 BURG MTR VEH 8/26/2014 Life Dallas Dallas
Sonny Delacruz 47 INDEC W/CHILD 12/27/2011 Life Taylor Taylor
Guadalupe Lozano 60 AGG RAPE 12/6/2010 Life Cameron Cameron
Ramiro Canales 36 AGG SEX ASLT 6/21/2014 Life Bexar Bexar
Johnny Singletary 48 CAPITAL MURDER 12/28/1998 Life Matagorda McLennan
Tommie Ray Chatton 55 AGG ROBBERY 7/21/2010 Life Dallas Tarrant
Carlee Edmond 72 AGGRV SEXUAL ABUSE 7/20/1998 Life Bell Bell
Andre Perez Edwards 37 AGG KIDNAPPING 5/30/2006 Life Dallas Dallas
Willie Dexter Graham 59 AGG KIDNAPPING 7/12/1984 Life Dallas Dallas
Johnathan Everete Davis 43 AGG ROBBERY 6/26/2014 Life Harris Harris
Russell Norman Olstad, Jr. 50 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 3/2/2015 Life Jefferson Jefferson
Donald Ray Caldwell 57 INDEC W/CHILD 2/16/2014 Life Williamson Williamson
Esteban Trevino 57 AGG SEXUAL ASLT 1/17/2012 Life Matagorda McLennan
Daniel Baltierra 53 BURG OF HABIT 4/18/1990 Life Travis Travis
Antonio Deleon 40 AGG ASSAULT 1/4/2013 Life Victoria Victoria
Raymond W Denton 55 INDEC W/CHILD 9/26/2003 Life Hardin Hardin
Joseph Dennis Lewis 35 MURDER 6/5/2007 Life Harris Harris
Larry Edward Daugherty 57 AGG ROBBERY 8/6/2014 Life Gregg Gregg
Clarence Lee Breeden 50 BURG OF A HABITATION 11/15/2012 Life DeWitt Harris
Letro Laray Simpson 44 CAPITAL MURDER 5/2/2005 Life Dallas Dallas
Robert Andrado Hernandez 61 AGG SEX ASLT-CHILD 4/4/2007 Life Harris Harris
Ambrosio Rodriguez 51 ATT CAP MURDER W/DEADLY W 4/24/1991 Life Bexar Bexar
Augustine Eke 59 INJURY TO CHILD-SBI 1/2/2015 Life Harris Harris
Darrin Edwards 50 CAP MURDER 7/5/2013 Life Nueces Nueces
Juan Artemio Garcia 47 CAPITAL MURDER 7/9/2003 Life Starr Starr
Charles Orr 44 MURDER 2/24/2012 Life Nueces Travis
Dwain Curtis Burton 43 MURDER 2/18/2013 Life Bell Bell

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