Skyview Unit

Address P.O. Box 999, Rusk, TX 75785
Unit Type Psychiatric
Inmates 467
TDCJ Web Page Skyview Unit (SV)


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Chad Michael Musgrove 31 CAPITAL MURDER 2/8/2013 Life Without Parole Limestone Montgomery
John Wesley Nero 34 CAPITAL MURDER 4/17/2013 Life Without Parole Jefferson Jefferson
Alon David Morgan 61 MURDER 9/23/2014 Life Harris Harris
Booker Torrence Dotson 54 ASSAULT 8/24/2000 Life Harris Harris
Anthony Black 34 MURDER 1/13/1999 Life Dallas Dallas
Robbie Huitt 41 BURG HABIT 1/10/2003 Life Angelina Angelina
Billy Ray White 48 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 3/30/1990 Life Jefferson Jefferson
Demarcus Montlanze Wright 37 MURDER 5/30/2000 Life Dallas Dallas
Gilbert Lacy Chatman 66 CAPITAL MURDER 5/29/1997 Life Nacogdoches Nacogdoches
Daniel Carl Greeley 45 CAPITAL MURDER 6/13/2001 Life Travis Travis
Juan Cassiano Hernandez 55 ATT COM CAP MUR W/DEAD WP 12/23/1988 Life Bexar Bexar
Robert Manuel Vaughn 65 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 10/24/2014 Life Camp Wood
Ricky Lynn Flippo 56 AGG ASSLT W/DDLY WPN 5/9/2015 Life Smith Henderson
Kimberly Danielle Milwicz 27 MURDER 5/22/2015 Life Hood Hood
Gilberto Chavarria Gonzalez 55 MURDER 12/15/2008 Life Brazos Brazos
George Edward Dupre, II 62 AGG SEXUAL ASLT 2/12/1998 Life Denton Dallas
L C Stover 64 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 8/4/2014 Life Lamar Lamar
Perry Stevenson 56 CAPITAL MURDER 9/20/2002 Life Newton Orange
Kenneth Ray Cawell 53 DEL OF COCAINE 1/6/2014 Life Harris Harris
Duncan Lee Terry, II 43 MURDER 10/2/2000 Life Taylor Taylor
John Henry Burel, Jr 68 MURDER 11/21/2014 Life Dallas Denton
Thelette Brandon 62 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 7/28/1982 Life McLennan Marion
Gary Harrington 67 MURDER W/MALICE AFORETHOUGHT 5/13/2015 Life Harris Jefferson
Johnny L Johns 63 MURD W/MAL 1/17/2005 Life Harris Harris
Roy Hurd Burr 43 AGG ASSAULT/DDLY WPN 11/19/2014 Life Harris Harris
Richard Anthony Simpson 55 BURG HAB WIC SEX ASLT 9/17/2010 Life Galveston Galveston
Claire Denise Greenwood 64 MURDER 10/7/1994 Life Travis Travis
Billy Ray Clark 65 A/CAP MUR P O DEADLY WPN 8/14/1985 Life Harris Harris
Donald Ray Briscoe 70 AGG SEX ASLT 10/9/2014 Life Dallas Dallas
Ronald Patrick Love 60 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 5/8/2015 Life El Paso Dallas

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