Scott Unit

Name Age Home County Entered On Main Crime Crime Location Term
Alfredo Cabazos Hernandez 60 Bee 2/12/2003 INDEC W/CHILD-EXPOSURE Bee Life
Robert Pallm 45 Smith 12/14/2012 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD Smith Life
Christopher Wiley 41 Smith 6/20/2014 MURDER Smith Life
Ray Anthony Ybarra 41 Harris 1/5/2002 CAP MURDER Harris Life
Gilbert Espinoza 55 Travis 11/1/1991 SEX ASLT AND HABITUAL Travis Life
Gilbert Silva Reyes 57 Galveston 8/14/2011 AGG SEX ASLT OF CHILD Galveston Life
Aaron Earl Powell 62 Harris 11/22/1977 CAPITAL MURDER Harris Life
Eric Lynn Strange 51 Harris 9/30/1992 BURG HABITATION W/I RAPE Harris Life
Larry Jerome Garrett 64 Harris 8/30/2010 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN Harris Life
Billy Joe Smith 73 Harris 6/18/1987 MURDER W/MALICE Harris Life
Francisco Villanueva 55 Harris 10/24/2000 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD Harris Life
William Dexter White 56 Jasper 6/20/2012 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN Jasper Life
Pete Martinez 39 McLennan 9/27/2004 AGG SEX ASLT Matagorda Life
Rufus Lee Tyner 45 Dallas 10/12/2005 AGG ROB W/DEADLY WPN Dallas Life
Michael Vasquez 53 Harris 1/15/1980 CAP MURDER Harris Life
Thomas Elton Mcdonnel 59 Harris 5/18/2014 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD UNDER 14 Harris Life
Louis Charles Carr 52 Dallas 7/22/2003 AGG ROBBERY Upshur Life
Larance Yarbrough 56 Travis 7/7/1998 AGG SEX ASLT Travis Life
Roberto Salazar 47 Harris 12/13/1989 CAP MURDER Harris Life
Selma Sam Mcclennon 69 Travis 9/17/1986 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN Travis Life
Jesus Sanchez Alvarez 50 El Paso 11/30/1998 INJURY TO A CHILD El Paso Life
Odell Davis 51 Tarrant 10/25/1994 AGG SEX ASSLT-CHILD Tarrant Life
Richard Lee Mayfield 62 Hidalgo 1/20/2010 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN Hidalgo Life
Eric Michael Phillips 46 Galveston 3/17/2005 CAPITAL MURDER Galveston Life
Pedro Cardona 62 Bastrop 7/4/2004 MURDER Bastrop Life
Cedric Simmons Mcentire 56 Gregg 9/30/1987 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN Gregg Life
Dale Wayne Sigler 47 Tarrant 8/9/1994 CAPITAL MURDER Tarrant Life
Cornelius Mcclenton 58 Dallas 1/12/1981 AGGRAVATED RAPE Dallas Life
Carlos Lopez 60 El Paso 5/17/2011 BURG OF HABIT PRIOR CONVI El Paso Life
James Leslie Brown 69 Dallas 2/10/2009 THEFT OF PROPERTY FROM PE Dallas Life