Hobby Unit

Address 742 FM 712, Marlin, TX 76661
Unit Type Prison
Inmates 1315
TDCJ Web Page Hobby Unit (HB)


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Shakeitha Cartwright 32 CAPITAL MURDER 1/27/2014 Life Without Parole Shelby Shelby
Tracie Danielle Alphin 27 CAPITAL MURDER TERROR THREAT/O 1/17/2012 Life Without Parole Hunt Hunt
Colette Angela Richnow 46 CAPITAL MURDER 10/3/2007 Life Without Parole Montgomery Montgomery
Sarah Haslam 22 CAPITAL MURDER 3/13/2014 Life Without Parole Upshur Gregg
Valerie Lopez 28 CAPITAL MURDER CHILD U/6 4/9/2010 Life Without Parole Bexar Bexar
Mona Yvette Nelson 49 CAPITAL MURDER 9/17/2013 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Meredith Ledbetter 33 CAPITAL MURDER OTH FEL 11/2/2012 Life Without Parole Lubbock Lubbock
Yolanda Wilson 44 MURDER 5/14/2009 Life Dallas Dallas
Teresa Hutchins 49 INJ TO A CHILD 11/13/1991 Life Wise Wise
Sabrina Rosas 36 INJURY TO CHILD 4/4/2000 Life Harris Harris
Barbara Elaine Jeffery 29 CAPITAL MURDER 10/30/2003 Life Gregg Titus
Aurora Moreno 42 CAPITAL MURDER 6/8/1995 Life Harris Harris
Kareema S Kimbrough 35 CAPITAL MURDER 9/19/2001 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Claudette Regina Kibble 43 MURDER 11/21/2014 Life Harris Harris
Ernestina Rodriguez 42 CAPITAL MURDER 3/27/2002 Life Kendall Kerr
Naomi Alva 28 MURDER 4/18/2014 Life Ector Ector
Krissi Lynn Caldwell 40 SOLICIT COMM CAP MURDER 6/16/2005 Life Collin Collin
Gwendolyn Inez Greene 24 AGG KIDNAPPING 6/17/2013 Life Coryell Coryell
Elizabeth Ramsey 34 INJ CHILD SBI 8/14/2014 Life Dallas Dallas
Verline Hyter Luqman 63 MAN/DEL CONT SUB 7/25/2012 Life Smith Smith
Catrina Maldonado 38 INJURY TO CHILD 5/7/2014 Life Cooke Cooke
Mary Ann Deleon 38 MURDER 3/19/1998 Life Lampasas Lampasas
Sophia Campos 31 MURDER 2/26/2013 Life Kleberg Kleberg
Sheila Gaye Muhs 51 MURDER 6/15/2011 Life Liberty Liberty
Wonder May Wallace 36 INJURY TO A CHILD 2/19/2003 Life Anderson Anderson
Susan Katharine Stewart 39 AGG SEX ASLT OF CHILD 5/18/2012 Life Victoria Victoria
Shonda Renee Swarthout 34 CAPITAL MURDER 8/5/1997 Life Harris Harris
Linda Mae Burnett 67 CAPITAL MURDER 4/6/2001 Life Bexar Jefferson
Courtney Elizabeth Dunkin 36 CAPITAL MURDER 2/27/2013 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Rosario Cereceres 47 CAPITAL MURDER 9/12/2007 Life El Paso El Paso

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