Clements Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Donald George Daggett 63 AGG ASSAULT ON PEACE OFFICER 6/7/2012 Life Parker Parker
Jimmy Ray Dorsey 35 MURDER 5/15/2001 Life Harris Harris
Leonard Gonzales 48 BURG HAB W/INT COM SEX ASLT-NO 6/9/2005 Life Lubbock Lubbock
Reece Boyd Dunn 54 MURDER 4/25/2006 Life Collin Collin
Michael Shane Goode 55 CAP MURDER 10/10/1995 Life Brazoria Harris
Van Dralan Dixson 40 AGG ROBBERY W/DW 5/14/2015 Life Dallas Dallas
Jose Antonio Garcia 53 AGG KIDNAPPING 1/20/2015 Life Montgomery Montgomery
Daniel Lopez Garcia 52 CAPITAL MURDER/MULTIPLE MURDER 3/6/1996 Life Harris Harris
Cedric Bernard Granger 38 MURDER 4/18/2012 Life Jefferson Jefferson
Christopher J Garduno 38 AGG SEX ASLT OF A CHILD 3/12/2009 Life Collin Collin
Henry Joe Dent, Jr 53 MURDER 12/28/2009 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Marcus Edward Gay 30 CAPITAL MURDER 9/26/2006 Life Harris Harris
Darnell Iven Adams 57 BURG HAB 2/11/2015 Life Collin Dallas
Vinicio Jesus Garcia 61 MURDER 1/9/2013 Life Dallas Tarrant
Carlos Mario Delarosa 41 AGG ASLT-FAMILY W/DWPN 6/16/2011 Life Collin Dallas
William Robert Davis 42 CAPITAL MURDER 4/8/2015 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Joe Ed Davis 47 INDEC W/CHILD BY SEX CONTACT 7/25/2014 Life Tom Green Tarrant
Jesus Carrasco 56 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 2/6/2013 Life Pecos Pecos
Tony Carrasco 41 BURG HABIT 1/29/2014 Life Hockley Hockley
Ronald Kent Dixon 37 CAPITAL MURDER 8/1/1995 Life Harris Harris
William Dempsey 29 MURDER 11/12/2013 Life Cherokee Anderson
David Camacho 36 MURDER 1/8/1997 Life Fort Bend Fort Bend
Jose Isaac Delafuente 75 MURDER 7/9/2010 Life Kerr
Ronnie Lewis Gibbons 61 MURDER 10/8/2001 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Harlin Ray Bullock 51 AGG SEXUAL ASSLT 4/11/2009 Life Hood Hood
Dominique Debose 28 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 3/3/2015 Life Smith Smith
Andrew Debbs 50 INDEC W/CHILD CONTACT 3/9/2009 Life Johnson Johnson
Jesus Garcia, Jr 62 INDECENCY CHILD 1/26/2009 Life Taylor Taylor
Billy Ray Day, Jr 36 INDEC W/CHILD-SEX CONTACT 1/8/2014 Life Hill Johnson
Bobby Ray George 50 MURDER 6/14/1994 Life Ector Harris

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