Beto Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Kevin Lee Buhl 49 CAP MURDER 3/28/1996 Life McLennan Marion
Jimmy Chatman 47 MURDER 7/16/2015 Life McLennan Marion
Emilio Cintron 43 INDEC W/CHILD-CONTACT/REPEATER 8/8/2008 Life Bexar Bexar
Jose Flores Bassa 63 INDECENCY W/CHILD BY CONTACT 10/10/1997 Life Bell Bell
Michael Wayne Charles 44 CAPITAL MURDER 2/3/2010 Life Jefferson Jefferson
Daniel B Gonzales 37 CAP MURDER 8/15/2001 Life Caldwell Caldwell
Kenneth Dewayne Edwards 35 CAPITAL MURDER 1/28/2002 Life Dallas Dallas
Ignacio Gomez-Gutierrez 34 MURDER 12/29/2008 Life Montgomery Brazoria
Adelso Castro 59 CAP MURDER 5/11/1998 Life Dallas
Jose Concepcion Garcia 63 AGG SEXUAL ASLT OF A CHILD 12/21/2007 Life Wood Wood
Charles Edward Davis, Jr 39 CAPITAL MURDER 9/15/1997 Life Dallas Dallas
Bruce Eugene Gilmore 39 CAPITAL MURDER 7/10/1994 Life Dallas Dallas
Enrique Garza 41 MURDER 2/4/2005 Life Nueces Nueces
Willie Antonio Dean 47 INDEC W/CHILD CONTACT 4/26/2002 Life Gregg Gregg
Jorge Guzman Banda 59 MURDER 12/4/2012 Life Dallas Dallas
Marcelino Ramon Ayala 57 MURDER 8/29/1997 Life Val Verde Travis
Santos Cervantes 37 CAPITAL MURDER 7/10/1998 Life Bexar Bexar
Maurqiece De'ang Cansler 25 MURDER 11/16/2010 Life Harris Harris
David Daniel 33 AGG ROBBERY 2/13/2006 Life Smith Smith
Kwaku Agyin 24 MURDER 5/16/2013 Life Bexar Bexar
Courey Deon Arnold 34 CAPITAL MURDER 11/30/2004 Life Dallas Dallas
Koby Taiwan Ards 36 AGG ROBBERY 5/7/2002 Life Dallas Dallas
Temple James Anderson 44 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 7/16/1992 Life Lubbock Lubbock
Xavier Caldwell 43 CAPITAL MURDER 11/27/2000 Life Dallas Dallas
Danyell Deon Daniels 28 AGG ASLT PUB/SERVANT 3/19/2007 Life Navarro Navarro
Michael Wayne Carlock, Jr 43 MURDER 8/21/1998 Life Dallas Dallas
Vincent Donald Davis 50 DEL C/S COCAINE 5/21/2015 Life Dallas Dallas
Damien Natha Calhoun 39 MURDER 4/4/2002 Life McLennan Marion
Albert Gomez 62 MURDER 8/13/1997 Life Harris Harris
Douglas Milford Gordon 63 MUR W/DEADLY WPN 10/28/2008 Life Dallas Dallas

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