Ryan Sitton

Personal Profile

Full Name: Ryan Sitton
Age: 39
Hometown: Friendswood, TX
Occupation: Engineering Firm CEO
Education: Mechanical Engineering, BS - Texas A&M University
Spouse: Jennifer Sitton
Religion: Christian
Church: St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Financial Statements


Election Info

Texas Railroad Commission Place 2, 2014-05-27
Won with 57.25% of vote
Texas Railroad Commission Place 2, 2014-03-04
Went to runoff with 30.52% of vote
Texas House District 24, 2012-07-31
Lost with 42.27% of vote
Texas House District 24, 2012-05-29
Went to runoff with 32.66% of vote

Political Profile

Party: Republican Party

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.RyanSitton.com
Twitter: @RyanSitton
Facebook: Fan Page
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  • Love it: "TX produced as much oil as the entire continent of Europe, according to the EIA." http://t.co/dM3croWNWw h/t @DBJNicholas #RRC

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  • RT @DentonCountyGOP: Future Railroad Commissioner @RyanSitton addressing Lincoln's Cabinet on the benefits of oil & gas in TX & #Denton htt…

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  • .@MattMackowiak, thanks for having me on!

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  • RT @GregAbbott_TX: Texas’ oil and gas industry expands to record levels. As Governor I'll keep Texas # 1 in energy. @TexasGOP http://t.co…

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  • Never underestimating the value of energy independence, I want to ensure TX becomes our nation's leader in oil & gas production! #RRC

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  • Texans needs an energy expert at the forefront of the oil & gas industry! RT & visit http://t.co/DgKVsmWdkc to learn more.

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  • I've been in the oil & gas industry long enough to know the value of energy independence. RT if you want an energy independent Texas! #RRC

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  • I've been in the industry long enough to know that America can't afford to not be self-sustaining in energy production. RT if you agree!

    7 days ago

  • Experience means having the technical expertise to protect TX energy from regulatory interference like Obama’s EPA! http://t.co/DgKVsmWdkc

    7 days ago

  • With a proven record & over 15 years in the industry, I have the experience to move Texas oil & gas forward. http://t.co/vbRaBTNziv

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