Justice Don Willett, Supreme Court of Texas

Place 2 (R-Talty, Tx)

Personal Profile

Full Name: Don Willett
Age: 47
Hometown: Talty, Tx
Race: White
Occupation: Justice, Supreme Court of Texas
Education: B.B.A., Baylor University; J.D./LL.M Duke University
Spouse: Tiffany
Religion: Christian
Church: Lake Hills Church

Financial Statements


Election Info

2012 General Election
Won with 78.79% of vote
2012 Republican Party Primary Election
Won with 56.81% of vote
2006 General Election
Won with 51.05% of vote
2006 Republican Party Primary Election
Won with 50.55% of vote

Political Profile

Current Office: Supreme Court of Texas
Place: 2
Party: Republican Party
Term Expiration: 2018
Term Length: 6 years
Salary: $150,000 per year
Corbin Casteel staffer
Elizabeth Ballentine staffer

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Website: Meet Justice Willett
Twitter: @justicewillett
Facebook: Fan Page
Capitol Office
Room: 201 W. 14th Street, Room 104
Address: P.O. Box 12248
Austin, TX 78711
Phone: 512-463-1312
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  • .@KPDietz Alongside, not for. We were colleagues in the AG's office — Ted as Solicitor General & me as Deputy Attorney General.

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  • The Texas #TenCommandments monument, which I helped defend at #SCOTUS, was part of a genius Cecil B. DeMille PR push to promote the movie.

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  • Lego = the Texas of toys. “@WSJ: Lego CEO: "The toy market in the U.S. has declined by 9% w/ us in it. W/o us it would have declined 16%."

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