Commissioner Christi Craddick, Texas Railroad Commission

Personal Profile

Full Name: Christi Craddick
Age: 44
Hometown: Midland
Race: White
Occupation: Small business owner and attorney specializing in oil and gas, water, tax issues, electric deregulation and environmental policy
Education: B.A., The University of Texas at Austin; J.D., The University of Texas School of Law
Religion: Catholic
Church: St. Austin’s Catholic Church

Financial Statements


Election Info

2012 General Election
Won with 56.18% of vote
2012 Republican Party Runoff Election
Won with 59.80% of vote
2012 Republican Party Primary Election
Went to runoff with 35.87% of vote

Political Profile

Current Office: Texas Railroad Commission
Party: Republican Party
Term Expiration: 2018
Term Length: 6 years
Salary: $137,500 per year
Bill Black Chief of Staff/Legal Counsel
Lauren Hamner Director of Public Affairs
Kathleen Hayden Executive Assistant

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Websites: Christi Craddick Campaign
Commissioner Christi Craddick
Twitter: @ChristiCraddick
Facebook: Christi Craddick
Campaign Office
Room: PMB 505
Address: 3112 Windsor, Suite A
Austin, TX 78703
Phone: (512) 772-5535
Texas Office
Address: Box 12967
Austin, TX 78711
Phone: 512-463-7140
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