Personal Profile

Full Name Tom Craddick
Age 71
Race White
Occupation Sales Representative - Mustang Mud, Inc.
Education B.B.A., Texas Tech University
Spouse: Nadine

Representative Tom Craddick is a sales representative for oilfield supply company Mustang Mud/Newpark Resources, the owner of Craddick Properties, a Midland investment business, and the president of Craddick, Inc. The Midland native was first elected to represent HD-82 in 1969. In 1975, House Speaker Bill Clayton appointed Craddick the first Republican committee chairman in 100 years. He continued to hold chairmanships under Clayton's successors, Speakers Gib Lewis and Pete Laney.

On January 11, 2003 Craddick became the first Republican Speaker of the Texas House in more than 130 years. Ten years later, he was recognized as Dean of the Texas House of Representatives for the 83rd legislative session.

Craddick served as speaker from 2003 to 2009 and cites the state's budget surplus, the legislature's work on tort reform and school finance, and its work to decrease property taxes as some of his most significant accomplishments.

Craddick holds both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Tech University. Craddick married the former Nadine Nayfa, a native of Sweetwater, in 1969. They have two children, Christi and Thomas Russell, Jr. Craddick and Nadine have a grandson, Tripp, and a granddaughter, Claire.