Cruz opposes House border bill

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Ted Cruz and other Senate conservatives are urging rejection of the House border security package, miffed that it excludes language prohibiting expansion of President Barack Obama’s deferred action policies. Cruz has urged House and Senate Republicans to rally around his proposal to attack Obama’s Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, an administrative change Obama made in 2012 to halt the deportation of some young immigrants.

Wendy Davis Needs to Be a Hero Again

It’s part of a larger pattern for Davis. Her campaign has been largely reactive, keying off Greg Abbott’s mistakes rather than articulating a vision for Texas. For long stretches, the Davis campaign has talked about little more than the latest outrage from Abbott’s supporters:

Van de Putte: ‘Under no circumstance will I be running for mayor of San Antonio’

Democrat Leticia Van de Putte wants to put rumors to rest: she has absolutely no intention of running for mayor of San Antonio come next year. Van de Putte, a long-time state senator from San Antonio, attempted again on Tuesday to put to bed any chatter that she’s eyeing a run for mayor as a backup plan if her long-shot bid for lieutenant governor against Republican Dan Patrick doesn’t pan out.

I-Team Reveals Businesses In Price Indictment

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DALLAS - The names of the businesses involved in the John Wiley Price case were intentionally left off the indictment. Instead, they were given aliases like “Business A” or “Business B.”

Obama mulls large-scale move on immigration

WASHINGTON (AP) — Even as they grapple with an immigration crisis at the border, White House officials are making plans to act before November's mid-term elections to grant work permits to potentially millions of immigrants who are in this country illegally, allowing them to stay in the United States without threat of deportation, according to advocates and lawmakers in touch with the administration.

How Ted Cruz Trolls Obama’s Foreign Policy

Cruz is not an isolationist like Sen. Rand Paul, the libertarian Republican from Kentucky who last year filibustered until he got a promise from the White House that drone strikes would not be used against Americans inside the United States. But neither is he quite a neoconservative like John McCain. Instead Ted Cruz is an American exceptionalist who is wary of remaking the world in America’s exceptional image.

Congress to Hold Hearing on Red River Fight

A high-profile land dispute between the federal government and Texans who live along the Red River will be the subject of a hearing by the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee on Tuesday.

Advocates Shun ‘Pro-Choice’ to Expand Message

That shift might seem surprising in this political season, when there has been a renewed focus on reproductive issues like access to abortion and birth control. Yet advocates say that the term pro-choice, which has for so long been closely identified with abortion, does not reflect the range of women’s health and economic issues now being debated.

Tea Party Favorability Weaker In Key Senate Battleground States (INTERACTIVE)

Otherwise, tea party-favored candidates have struggled to gain ground. A new analysis from the firm HaystaqDNA could explain why: county-by-county tallying of tea party support reveals that its strongholds may be in the West rather than in key southern states where candidates have mounted serious incumbent challenges. HaystaqDNA's findings show that the states with the highest tea party favorability scores are not necessarily ones with elections that will decide control of the Senate in 2014.

Topless Texans Spar With Open Carry Activists: 'Boobs For Peace!'

During the exchange, the topless women said they believed the open carry demonstrators set out to "scare" people with their guns and shouted "Boobs for peace!" One of them also carried a sign reading "You realize that everyone thinks you’re overcompensating for your teeny tiny ‘gun’ right?"

UT System Poised to Name New Chancellor Today

At a special meeting via telephone Tuesday evening, the University of Texas System Board of Regents is expected to name the system's next chancellor. Sources told the Tribune that Admiral William H. McRaven is expected to get the gig.

TSTC Launches Center for Employability Outcomes

With the launch of a new initiative on Monday, the Texas State Technical College System could help revolutionize how colleges align their curriculum with workforce demands and help their students match up better with employers’ needs.

The Brief: A New Leader for the UT System

The Brief: A new leader for the UT System; Congress holds hearing on Red River fight; TSTC Launches Center for Employability Outcomes; TSTC launches Center for Employability Outcomes; ICYMI: Castro invites Perry to discuss border with Texas Reps; GOP Senate nominees speak out against historical racing.

Texas law that speeds shutdown of troubled charter schools is put to the test

A new law designed to make it easier to close down chronically troubled charter schools is getting its first tests this year. The Texas Education Agency has revoked the charters of five operators since February, including Honors Academy and its Dallas-area campuses. Three others, including the Deion Sanders co-founded Prime Prep Academy, have appeals pending.

Van de Putte proposes five debates in lieutenant governor’s race

With a little over three months to go before Texas voters select their next lieutenant governor, Democrat Leticia Van de Putte on Monday challenged Republican Dan Patrick to five debates in September and October. Van de Putte, a state senator from San Antonio, proposed debates in her hometown, Dallas, Austin, Houston and the Rio Grande Valley.

Bias, bad math plague Irving ISD election system, court told

A statistics expert testified Monday that Irving ISD’s Hispanic-majority voting district is an illusion of bad math. And a lawyer suing the district said the illusion supports a “deep-seated racial prejudice” among white voters. If a judge in the federal voting rights lawsuit agrees, he could force the school district to change its entire election system.

Julián Castro celebrated as newest Latino Cabinet official

Julián Castro has been Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for less than a day — and he’s already being celebrated as the newest Latino addition to the president’s Cabinet. Hours after the former San Antonio mayor assumed his post Monday, he was feted at a Capitol Hill event for his achievements as a Latino American.

Deal Allots $17 Billion for Overhaul of V.A. Care

House and Senate negotiators announced an agreement Monday on legislation that would allocate about $17 billion to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs’ sprawling and beleaguered health care system. But the deal does not give the department everything that officials there have said is needed to fix its problems.