Republicans' Stealth Plan to Delete Gay Marriage from the Party's 2016 Platform

ate last summer, with midterms consuming the attention of the political class, a group of GOP activists spent two days in Des Moines trying to convince their fellow Republicans that change was coming to their party. With eyes on 2016, they attended the Iowa State Fair, talked with newspaper editorial boards, and even ventured onto conservative talk radio. To cap it off, on the last evening, supporters gathered at 801 Chophouse, the upscale watering hole of the city's political elite, as if to announce their movement had gone mainstream. That it couldn't be dismissed as fringe any longer.

Texas Legislature Tries to Weaken Board Governance at UT-Austin

Remember the unusual practice of the president of the University of Texas-Austin to admit applicants who didn’t meet school standards because they happened to have been connected to a trustee or, even better, a Texas state legislator? The UT system acknowledged the practice and said it was basically OK. And remember the reaction of the state legislature to the member of the board of regents, one Wallace Hall, whose own investigation revealed this practice? The state legislature tried to get him kicked off the board, impeached, and otherwise driven out of the position.

Rick Perry tells tea party group he was right to back David Dewhurst over Ted Cruz in 2012 primary

“David Dewhurst had been the lieutenant governor of Texas for eight years. He had been a very good partner as we helped create the most dynamic economy and when David announced that he was going to run and asked me if I would support him, I had only one answer, and that was, ‘Yes sir I will because you have been a staunch supporter of mine and the vision we had for Texas, and I will put that vision up against anyone.’” He added, “I happen to count loyalty as one of the great traits that all too often in this business, you don’t see.”

A Texas take on Ted Cruz's presidential bid

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When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) launched his U.S. Senate bid, he was the preferred choice of a mere 3 percent of Texas Republican primary voters in a field of a half-dozen credible candidates.

The Texas-Sized Anti-Gay Backlash

Over 20 anti-LGBT laws have been proposed in Texas this year, including one just like the maligned bill that passed in Indiana this week. But advocates say they’re not going to pass.

Texas looks to further invest in Rainy Day Fund

Yes, the money is flowing out, but in at least a couple of low-profile bills, lawmakers are looking to bring some money in. House Bill 903 from Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Southlake, bill would take part of the state's Rainy Day Fund above a certain balance and tell the comptroller to invest it.

Abbott's "Strike Force" to Release HHSC Findings

Gov. Greg Abbott's handpicked "strike force" team is poised to release the findings of its investigation Monday in the wake of a contracting scandal at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, sources outside the governor's office have confirmed.

Abbott's contracting review is done; lawmakers to be briefed at 10 a.m.

Gov. Greg Abbott has summoned top state lawmakers to his office for a Monday morning meeting to brief them on the findings of a "strike force" he appointed to investigate contracting irregularities at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The meeting will take place at 10 a.m., according to two sources who said they had been invited. A report prepared by the strike force will be released by the end of the day, they said.

State has execution drugs through April

The State of Texas, like many of the other states in the nation that use lethal injection as capital punishment, is looking at what to do with inmates on death row once the supply for lethal injections runs out.

Ted Cruz Keeps New Hampshire Republicans Laughing Through Their Obama Pain

MERRIMACK, N.H.—After Senator Ted Cruz’s red-hot campaign talk at a VFW hall here over the weekend, a woman approached the presidential hopeful and confided that she’d been too worried to close her eyes the previous night because of a report that President Barack Obama had “more or less given out Israel’s nuclear secrets.” After being compelled by a D.C. district court judge to respond to a reporter’s request under the Freedom of Information Act, the Pentagon in early February declassified a 1987 report that comes close to confirming the universal assumption that Israel has the bomb.

Turmoil threatens Dallas County DA Susan Hawk after 3 months on job

The anybody-new-will-do attitude sustained her during her initial weeks as DA. Many in Dallas’ legal community optimistically observed Hawk’s inclusive community-centric approach and ability to appear above the political sagas that cost Watkins the election in November. But that image unraveled in just a few days last week.

Voters to pick Bexar County lawmaker Tuesday

Voters on the West Side return to the polls Tuesday for a special election to fill the Texas House seat vacated by José Menéndez, now a state senator. Four Democrats are vying to replace Menéndez, D-San Antonio, who was first elected in House District 124 in 2001.

Lawmakers respond to an increase of veterans in the state

Legislators on both sides of the aisle agree there’s an increasing need to boost health and workforce benefits for Texas veterans this session. About 31,600 veterans are expected to be in the state next year, an impact of troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Texas Veterans Commission reports.