Central Texas teachers often struggle becoming certified

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"I think we need to find teachers that can get over that bar," said State Representative, Jimmie Don Aycock, who chairs the House Education Committee, which looks for ways to improve teacher quality.  "I think the committee will be charged with looking at what is appropriate for probationary certification and how far you continue that probation, in general, but I think there certainly logically should be some limit to that," he continued.

Rand Paul Taps Texas GOP Chairman as Adviser

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul has tapped a Texan who could shore up his bona fides in a key state for Republican presidential hopefuls. Weighing a 2016 run, Paul, R-Ky., has added Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri as a senior adviser.

More Groundwork for GOP's Strategy on Obama, Immigration

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Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent House Republicans a legislative memo Thursday, laying out a February agenda of repealing Obamacare, taking on unfunded mandates, and permanently providing a tax deduction for charitable giving.

2 Houston-area charter schools on chopping block

State officials have ordered the shuttering of three Texas charter schools - including two in the Houston area — because of alleged failures to comply with the state's education code or provisions of their own charters.

$20 billion in cuts speak to state of oil firm finances

HOUSTON – The year's first wave of major oil company financial reports sent more dark clouds over the oil patch Thursday, with news of $20 billion in combined spending cuts, profit losses and a growing pricing standoff between oil producers and the companies that drill and service their wells.

Study praises Texas juvenile-justice reforms

Taking the deepest look yet into juvenile-justice reforms inspired by a 2007 sex abuse scandal in Texas youth facilities, a study by criminal justice researchers praised the state for diverting most young offenders into county-run programs instead of shipping them off to rural corrections facilities.

Scott Howell Recovering From Cardiac Arrest

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Scott Howell, a top Republican ad-maker, is being treated in an intensive care unit in Texas after going into sudden cardiac arrest on Monday. Howell is making progress, according to Dan Allen, a principal with Howell’s firm.

Rep to Staff: Ask Muslim Visitors to Pledge Allegiance

Freshman state Rep. Molly White, R-Belton, is not in Austin today to celebrate Texas Muslim Capitol Day. But she left instructions for the staff in her Capitol office on how to handle visitors who are, including asking them to declare allegiance to the United States.