Texas governor’s race: Sure thing? Or stunning upset?

AUSTIN — More than a year after it began, the Texas governor’s race is entering a frenzied two-month windup toward the Nov. 4 election, with Republicans exuding confidence that they will easily keep the office that Gov. Rick Perry has held for 14 years while Democrats insist that they are within striking distance of a stunning upset.

DeLay declines to pick between Perry, Cruz

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Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay declined on Sunday to say which potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate from Texas he’d support: Gov. Rick Perry or Sen. Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz Just Lost the Bronx

If Ted Cruz had any supporters in the Bronx, he has certainly lost them now. During a Saturday speech at something called the Americans for Prosperity's Defending the American Dream Summit, Cruz used a dig at the borough to criticize New York Senator Chuck Schumer's position on immigration reform. "Now, I understand that Manhattan is very concerned with their security with the Bronx, but it's a little bit different on 2,000 miles of the Rio Grande," said the Texas tea partier, whose knowledge of the area is probably entirely based on a single late-night viewing of Fort Apache, the Bronx.

Only the White House is talking about a government shutdown, Ted Cruz says

DALLAS, Tex. — The other potential 2016 presidential candidates who spoke at the Americans for Prosperity conference this weekend — including Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) — were outshone by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), whose raucous, rabble-rousing speech centered on a hawkish foreign policy, repealing the Affordable Care Act, defending constitutional rights and addressing the situation on the southern border.

On Environment Issues, Bush Takes More Moderate Tone

On the campaign trail for a little-known statewide office, George P. Bush is generally toeing the Republican Party line. But in his first in-depth interview on environmental policy, the land commissioner hopeful's views on global warming and renewable energy set him apart from the Tea Party conservatives he has aligned himself with.

Ted Cruz downplays immigration shutdown chatter

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DALLAS – In a rollicking speech to conservative activists Saturday afternoon, Ted Cruz predicted that major Republican wins in 2014 and 2016 would spell the end of Obamacare, and he defended the government shutdown that resulted from the last major push to roll back the law.

Obama Said to Weigh Delaying Action on Immigration

Under pressure from nervous Democratic Senate candidates in tight races, President Obama is rethinking the timing of his pledge to act on his own to reshape the nation’s immigration system by summer’s end, and could instead delay some or all of his most controversial proposals until after the midterm elections in November, according to people familiar with White House deliberations.

State officials approve historical racing in Texas

State officials on Friday approved a plan to allow historical racing at dog and horse racetracks statewide, despite pending legal action. Commissioners on a 7-2 vote approved changing the rules to allow historical racing, the replaying of already-run races on slot machine-like devices, at the tracks in Texas.

Swelling Districts Find Costly Way to Grow Campuses

Leander and other fast-growing school districts have relied heavily on a controversial financing tool called capital appreciation bonds to borrow money to expand even as they bump up against state limits on school district debt.

Hospitals Say They've Lost Insured Patients to Urgent Care

The increasing number of urgent care centers in Texas is proving problematic for hospitals, which say they are competing with the clinics for the same pool of insured Texans at a time when they are also getting less money to cover the cost of treating uninsured patients.

The Brief: Déjà Vu All Over Again on School Finance

Déjà vu all over again on school finance; Swelling districts find costly way to grow campuses (w/ local debt explorer); Hospitals say they've lost insured patients to urgent care; Analysis: The hunt for a different political watchdog.

Sanders’ plan for Prime Prep consolidation fizzling

Deion Sanders’ behind-the-scenes efforts to merge Prime Prep Academy with A.W. Brown-Fellowship Leadership Academy appear to be fizzling. Sanders and officials from both charter schools met with Texas Education Agency staff Thursday with the goal of discussing consolidation. But Prime Prep was barely mentioned, and the TEA removed consolidation from the agenda.

Texas' school finance system again overturned in court

A state judge overturned Texas’ school finance system for the second time in 18 months on Thursday, ruling that the Legislature’s funding boost last year failed to fix a system that is unfair and inadequate for the state’s 5 million public school students.

Ted Cruz feeds 2016 buzz with hires

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Ted Cruz is beefing up his political staff as speculation heats up that the Texas senator may run for president in 2016. The Republican firebrand is adding muscle to his campaign and political operations to help Cruz and his staff keep up with the growing political demands on Cruz since he arrived in the Senate in 2013 and achieved fame — or notoriety, depending on one’s view.