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Lubbock ISD

28,476 students

Rated: Met Standard

Lubbock ISD is a district in Lubbock with 28,476 students. Students perform below the state average in passing TAKS scores. Fewer than half of students are prepared for college in both English Language Arts and Math.

Teachers have roughly the same experience as the state average and are paid about the same as the state average.

The district spends $4,709 per student for academic programs and $8,163 per student for all school functions.


Percent of student body by ethnicity

Percent of student body by academic risk factor

Student enrollment by grade level (percent of students/number of students)

Average number of students per class


Rate of students who dropped out

Rate of students who completed school

Number of days students were present divided by number of days students were enrolled

Percent of graduating students completing the requirements of a given graduation plan

College Readiness

Percent of graduating students who take advanced courses

Mean ACT score for all students who took the test

Mean SAT score (math and critical reading) for all students who took the test

Percent of graduating students who meet college-ready criteria on TAKS, SAT or ACT

Percent of high school seniors who graduate by ethnicity

Percent of high school seniors who graduate, receive a GED, or continue high school by ethnicity


Percent of teachers by years of experience in the field

Average years of experience in district and career

Average teacher salary by seniority (salary/percent of teachers)

Teachers by ethnicity and gender (percent/number of teachers)

Percent of staff by role


Spending per student by program

Spending per student by school function in dollars


Name Enrollment Accountability Rating City
Arnett Elementary School 146 Academically Acceptable Lubbock
Bayless Elementary School 531 Improvement Required Lubbock
Bean Elementary School 403 Improvement Required Lubbock
Bowie Elementary School 245 Met Standard Lubbock
Bozeman Elementary School 303 Met Standard Lubbock
Brown Elementary School 472 Improvement Required Lubbock
Centennial Elementary School 592 Met Standard Lubbock
Dupre Elementary School 260 Met Standard Lubbock
Guadalupe Elementary School 183 Improvement Required Lubbock
Hardwick Elementary School 369 Met Standard Lubbock
Harwell Elementary School 380 Met Standard Lubbock
Haynes Elementary School 298 Met Standard Lubbock
Hodges Elementary School 541 Improvement Required Lubbock
Honey Elementary School 496 Met Standard Lubbock
Iles Elementary School M 281 Met Standard Lubbock
Jackson Elementary School 185 Improvement Required Lubbock
Maedgen Elementary School 319 Met Standard Lubbock
McWhorter Elementary School 386 Met Standard Lubbock
Murfee Elementary School 381 Met Standard Lubbock
Overton Elementary School 270 Met Standard Lubbock
Parkway Elementary School 371 Improvement Required Lubbock
Parsons Elementary School 315 Met Standard Lubbock
Ramirez Charter School M 370 Met Standard Lubbock
Roy W Roberts Elementary School 577 Met Standard Lubbock
Rush Elementary School 392 Met Standard Lubbock
Smith Elementary School 581 Met Standard Lubbock
Stewart Elementary School 404 Improvement Required Lubbock
Tubbs Elementary School 255 Recognized Lubbock
Waters Elementary School 617 Met Standard Lubbock
Wester Elementary School 404 Met Standard Lubbock
Wheatley Elementary School 280 Improvement Required Lubbock
Wheelock Elementary School 353 Met Standard Lubbock
Whiteside Elementary School 580 Met Standard Lubbock
Williams Elementary School M 397 Met Standard Lubbock
Wilson Elementary School M 479 Met Standard Lubbock
Wolffarth Elementary School 318 Improvement Required Lubbock
Wright Elementary School 119 Met Standard Lubbock
Name Enrollment Accountability Rating City
Alderson Middle School 317 Academically Unacceptable Lubbock
Atkins Middle School 482 Met Standard Lubbock
Cavazos Middle School M 634 Met Standard Lubbock
Dunbar Middle School M 415 Improvement Required Lubbock
Evans Middle School 762 Met Standard Lubbock
Hutchinson Middle School M 763 Met Standard Lubbock
Irons Middle School 696 Met Standard Lubbock
Mackenzie Middle School 545 Met Standard Lubbock
Margaret Talkington School For Young Women Leaders M 187 Met Standard Lubbock
Slaton Middle School M 629 Improvement Required Lubbock
Smylie Wilson Middle School 545 Met Standard Lubbock
Name Enrollment Accountability Rating City
Coronado High School 2,137 Met Standard Lubbock
Estacado High School M 749 Met Standard Lubbock
Homebound 11 Not Rated Lubbock
Lubbock County JJAEP 12 Not Rated Lubbock
Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center 65 Not Rated Lubbock
Lubbock High School M 2,033 Met Standard Lubbock
Matthews Learning Center/New Directions 234 Met Alternative Standard Lubbock
Monterey High School 2,101 Met Standard Lubbock
Project Intercept School 95 Not Rated Lubbock