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U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison finally ended the will-she-or-won't-she drama, saying she's staying put through the end of her term in 2012. But ever since she first announced she'd resign, she's been shifting positions. We take a look back.

The Brief: April 1, 2010

Kay stays, census or bust, "no" to the AG and another battle in the badlands.

The crowded press corps watching the Democratic gubernatorial debate.
The crowded press corps watching the Democratic gubernatorial debate.

The Brief: March 30, 2010

Children are taught that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  This rule is not followed in the media world — just ask the politicians.

Texans gathered for a "nullification" rally at the Texas Capitol on Saturday, January 16, in protest of federal healthcare plans in particular and federal spending and laws in general. They called on the state government to "nullify" what they contend are unconstitutional actions by the federal government — that is, to opt out of pending healthcare legislation and other federal programs and laws they feel go beyond the bounds of the U.S. Constitution. Most of the photographs that follow were taken by Bob Daemmrich; a few were shot by Ross Ramsey.

The Brief: March 23, 2010

After another kind of binge, hair of the dog is the best cure — even the New Yorker says so. So let’s ease those CSPAN hangovers with some analysis of the health care bill’s effects in Texas.

The Brief: March 22, 2010

As the inboxes of reporters across the nation pinged with the sound of press releases, Congress got rowdy last night and passed healthcare legislation with a 219-214 vote in the House. Here's a digest of the Texas highlights.

The Brief: March 16, 2010

U.S. authorities teamed with Mexican law enforcement agents on Monday and scoured the streets of the border city of Juarez in search of clues to the weekend murder of three people, including two U.S. citizens, with ties to the U.S. Consulate in that violent city.

Downtown El Paso
Downtown El Paso

The Brief: March 15, 2010

The weekend slaughter in Mexico of two U.S. citizens with ties to the consulate’s office in Ciudad Juarez has sparked outrage from Washington, D.C. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have publicly condemned the attacks that left a pregnant consulate employee, her husband and a Mexican national dead.