Tribpedia: Juan Sepulveda

Juan Sepulveda is director of the White House House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.

In July 2008, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama picked Sepulveda to serve as the Texas state director for his campaign. Sepulveda had previously acted as a senior adviser to Democratic candidate Bill Bradley during his 2000 campaign for the presidency.

Sepulveda grew up in a Mexican-American neighborhood in Topeka, Kan. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in government and was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University. He received his law degree from Stanford University.

When he joined the Obama administration, Sepulveda left a 20-year career working with nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. He founded The Common Enterprise in 1995, a non-partisan organization dedicated to improving collaborations between nonprofits and other community groups.

Since 2004, he has hosted a weekly KLRN public television show called "Conversations," which focuses on groups having a positive impact on South Texas. In July 2009, Sepulveda began a tour of "community conversations" across the United States to gather local input on how education for Hispanic populations could be improved. His itinerary included cities like El Paso, Laredo, Brownsville, Houston, Austin and Chicago.

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