"Texas Turnout" Civic Social Weekend, August 26-28

As Election Day draws near, voters all over Texas will hear the candidates make a case for why they deserve to hold office. The pundits will weigh in. And so will your coworkers, and your family, and your friends. But will they vote? Texas has one of the lowest voter turn out rates in the country with less than a quarter of voting-eligible Texans casting ballots.

You’re invited to join us for a civic social weekend where participants will have the unique opportunity to work with Texas voting data and create innovative projects that will help voters make more informed decisions at the polls. The work you create will highlight the impact that everyday Texans have in influencing the outcome of this election.

The event will take place at Umbel (located in the Seaholm power plant complex), and begin at 11 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 26. It will run 11-6 on Friday and Saturday, and end at 1 p.m. Sunday. Registration is free, but those interested must complete an application to be considered for one of 40 spots. Participants will be notified of their selection by Aug. 12.

You should apply to attend if:

  • You enjoy a collaborative work environment
  • You favor community over competition
  • You love a meeting of the minds where you can learn from those around you
  • You have an interest in media or politics
  • You are a designer, developer, photographer, videographer, writer or student who wants to use your skills to help promote civic engagement in Texas

“Texas Turnout” is being hosted in partnership with the Society for News Design, an international organization for media professionals and visual communicators that create news publications or products. SND community members art direct, design, edit, report, illustrate and write code. Funding for this event is made possible by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.