Why should I become a member of The Texas Tribune?

As a nonprofit, The Texas Tribune depends on members who make financial contributions to provide comprehensive news and information on politics, public policy, government and other statewide matters to the public for free. Thousands of readers have become members because they believe that journalism in the public interest is too important to be left to market forces and want to help build a nonprofit alternative. These contributions fund reporters’ salaries, data journalism, multimedia and website development – nothing fancy – just solid news and information and a dynamic and engaging online experience. We’d love to have you join the Tribune’s conversation by becoming a member today.

What is the length of my membership?

As a member, you will enjoy Texas Tribune membership benefits for one year following the date of your contribution. Don’t worry – we will remind you when your membership is up for renewal and provide you with all the information you need on how to renew.

Can I make a contribution without becoming a member?

Some supporters contribute to The Texas Tribune without becoming members. This simply means that they choose to waive the benefits that come with Tribune membership. Members receive specific benefits for one year and, we hope, will choose to renew in subsequent years.

What is the difference between being a “Registered User” and a “Member”?

Good question!

Registered users are readers who customize their experience with The Texas Tribune. Anyone can become a registered user free of charge by clicking Register on the top right-hand corner of The Texas Tribune home page and creating a user name and password. Once registered, users can set up email alerts, comment on stories, and receive emails about upcoming events.

Members are contributing supporters of The Texas Tribune and receive special membership benefits. Because The Texas Tribune is a nonprofit organization, we depend on memberships to fund our operations so that we can keep providing the best nonpartisan news and information for Texas. See Membership Benefits for a full list of what we have to entice you.

I’m getting too many alerts. How do I manage them?

As a registered user, you can change the schedule for your alerts. Simply access your account at the Login link at the top right-hand corner of our home page and make your desired change to the alert frequency or select the unsubscribe option. You can also unsubscribe from receiving all of our alerts by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of the email alerts you have received.

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