Goree Unit

Address 7405 Hwy 75 South, Huntsville, TX 77344
Unit Type Prison
Inmates 834
TDCJ Web Page Goree Unit (GR)


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Monica Ayala Palmer 44 CAPITAL MURDER 2/12/2014 Life Without Parole Midland Midland
Valerie Lopez 32 CAPITAL MURDER CHILD U/6 4/9/2010 Life Without Parole Bexar Bexar
Stanley Earl Delce 58 AGG SEXUAL ASLT 9/2/1988 Life Brazos Brazos
Jesus Nunez 52 BRG HAB W/I SX ASLT-DEAD 5/21/2008 Life Harris Harris
Patrick Anthony Russo 55 CAPITAL MURDER 12/24/2015 Life Travis Bastrop
Larnell Strauther 49 CAP MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 2/20/1990 Life Brazoria Brazoria
Jack Walter Kirsch 67 INDECENCY WITH CHILD HABI 7/26/2012 Life Harris Harris
Billy Frank Lee 59 AGG SEX ASLT OF A CHILD 3/19/2019 Life Harris Harris
Gregory Mark Levitz 61 SEX ASLT 1/25/2019 Life Ector Ector
David Lee Webb 42 AGG SEX ASLT OF A CHILD-U/14 5/17/2006 Life Harris Harris
Maurice Lawrence Brewer 55 AGG ROBBERY W/DEAD WPN 10/27/1997 Life Galveston Galveston
Bernard Ferguson 59 CAPITAL MURDER 12/13/1982 Life Bell Bell
William David Beebe 67 AGG SEX ASLT OF CHILD 6/1/1994 Life Wood Wood
Arnold Richard Darby, Jr 70 AGGRV ROBBERY PRIOR CONVI 2/13/2013 Life Jefferson Jefferson
George Eric Eisner 45 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 2/11/1998 Life Denton Denton
William Lee King 75 AGG/SEXUAL ABUSE 7/10/2012 Life Cass Cass
William Arnal Hall 59 SEXUAL ASSAULT 5/21/1986 Life Harris Harris
Barbara Jean Holder 60 CAPITAL MURDER 5/19/1999 Life Galveston Galveston
William Randall Vance 51 AGG KIDNAPPING 7/2/1985 Life Dallas Dallas
Robert Keith Wilson 49 CAPITAL MURDER 7/13/1994 Life Harris Harris
Roy Lee Kinney 68 AGGV SEXUAL ASSAULT 6/24/2015 99 years Tarrant Tarrant
Mary Jean Whipple 65 MURDER 8/24/2006 99 years El Paso El Paso
Timothy Arnold Moore 58 AGGRV KIDNAPPING 11/24/1992 99 years Smith Smith
David Alan Coplen 46 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 5/21/2015 95 years Dallas Dallas
Gregory Sarkissian 47 BURG OF HABIT 5/27/2017 80 years Brazos Brazos
Charles Marvin Lewis, Jr 56 SEXUAL ASLT 7/18/2017 80 years Harris Harris
Angel Fierro Delgado 52 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 2/16/2009 75 years Tarrant Tarrant
Bruce Scott Garrett 50 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 11/30/1993 75 years Tarrant Tarrant
Lathadus Cole Mayfield 60 SEXUAL ASLT 2/5/2019 75 years Harris Harris
Pascal Morgan 49 AGG SEX ASLT 3/4/2015 75 years Lamb Lamb