Transportation, Energy & the Environment

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Saturday | 8:30 AM

AT&T Center, Classroom 203

Is There an Oil Boom Around the Corner?

No state wants one more than the number one producer of crude oil in the U.S.

Allen Gilmer

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Drillinginfo and Chairman of TIPRO

Ken Morgan

Director of the Energy Institute at Texas Christian University

Ryan Sitton

Texas Railroad Commissioner

Todd Staples

President of the Texas Oil & Gas Association

Melinda Taylor

Executive Director of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Energy, Law, and Business at the University of Texas Law School

Russell Gold (mod.)

Senior Energy Reporter at The Wall Street Journal

Saturday | 9:50 AM

AT&T Center, Classroom 203

The Tyranny of the Commute

Getting from home to work and back in our biggest cities is harder than it needs to be. Here’s how to make it easier.

Supported by Chariot

John-Michael V. Cortez

Special Assistant to the Mayor of Austin

Celia Israel

State Representative

Philip Kingston

Dallas City Council Member

Beth Van Duyne

Southwest Regional Administrator for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Ben Wear (mod.)

Transportation Reporter for the Austin American-Statesman

Saturday | 11:10 AM

AT&T Center, Classroom 203

Modernizing the Grid

How to think differently — and creatively — about a sustainable future for Texas electricity

Supported by NRG

Robert Hebner

Director of the Center for Electromechanics at the University of Texas at Austin

Brandy Marty Marquez

Public Utility Commissioner

Ronny Sandoval

Director of Grid Modernization for the Environmental Defense Fund

Michael Webber

Deputy Director of the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin

Jim Malewitz (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune

Saturday | 1:45 PM

AT&T Center, Classroom 203

All About Flooding

Why it happens, and how to keep it from destroying our communities

Supported by Walmart and CenterPoint Energy

Stephen Costello

Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Houston

Mary Anne Piacentini

Executive Director of the Katy Prairie Conservancy

Hanadi Rifai

Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Houston

Neena Satija (mod.)

Investigative Reporter and Producer for The Texas Tribune and Reveal

Saturday | 3:05 PM

AT&T Center, Classroom 203

Population and Transportation

We’ll have twice as many people in Texas by 2050. Will we have the transportation infrastructure we’ll need?

Supported by The Texas A&M University System

James Bass

Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation

Alan Clark

Director of Transportation Planning for the Houston-Galveston Metropolitan Planning Organization

Will Conley

Hays County Commissioner

Geanie Morrison

State Representative

Aman Batheja (mod.)

Political Editor for The Texas Tribune

Saturday | 4:25 PM

AT&T Center, Classroom 203

Don't Forget About Water

Drought conditions are mostly behind us, so the Legislature has moved on to more pressing matters — but our long-term natural resources problem remains

Supported by Accenture

Bech Bruun

Chairman of the Texas Water Development Board

Laura Huffman

Texas State Director of the Nature Conservancy

Jason Isaac

State Representative

Andrew Sansom

Executive Director of the The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

Kiah Collier (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune

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