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Saturday | 8:30 AM

AT&T Center, Ballroom

One on One with Steny Hoyer

The House Minority Whip on Trump, Congress and the Democrats’ road forward

Supported by The Boeing Company

Steny Hoyer

Minority Whip of the U.S. House

Robert Draper (mod.)

Writer at Large for The New York Times Magazine

Saturday | 9:50 AM

AT&T Center, Ballroom

Public Broadcasting and the Public Interest

The CEO of PBS and the executive producer of FRONTLINE on the importance of their work 50 years after the act that enabled it

Raney Aronson-Rath

Executive Producer of FRONTLINE

Paula Kerger

President and CEO of PBS

Jim Rutenberg (mod.)

Media Columnist for the New York Times

Saturday | 11:10 AM

AT&T Center, Ballroom

One on One with Susan Rice

The former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and former National Security Advisor on the increasingly complicated state of the world

Susan Rice

Former National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama

Indira Lakshmanan  (mod.)

Columnist for The Boston Globe Newmark Chair in Journalism Ethics at the Poynter Institute

Saturday | 1:45 PM

AT&T Center, Ballroom

Country Over Party

Are they merely words on a T-shirt — or at a time of deep polarization, is it the governing philosophy we need?

Matthew Dowd

Author, Entrepreneur and Chief Political Analyst for ABC News

Mindy Finn

Co-Founder of Stand Up Republic and 2016 Independent Candidate for U.S. Vice President

Mark McKinnon

Founder of No Labels and Creator and Co-Host of Showtime's The Circus

Charlie Sykes

Radio Talk Show Host and Host of the Indivisible Podcast

Rick Wilson

Republican Political Strategist and CEO of Intrepid Media

Jon Ralston (mod.)

Editor of The Nevada Independent

Saturday | 3:05 PM

AT&T Center, Ballroom

The Story of Harvey

Houston’s police chief on the before, during and after the state’s biggest-ever natural disaster

Art Acevedo

Chief of the Houston Police Department

Emily Ramshaw (mod.)

Editor-in-Chief of The Texas Tribune

Saturday | 4:25 PM

AT&T Center, Ballroom

One on One with Steve Bullock

Montana’s governor on Big Sky values, succeeding as a red-state Democrat, and broadening his party’s appeal

Dan Balz (mod.)

Chief Correspondent for The Washington Post

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