Diversity & the Law

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Saturday | 8:30 AM

Texas Union, Quadrangle Room

Justice for All

Indigent defense, bail reform and other ways to ensure fair treatment for the poor

Deborah Fowler

Executive Director of Texas Appleseed

Nathan Hecht

Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court

Andrew Murr

State Representative

Valencia Nash

Dallas County Justice of the Peace

Shakira Pumphrey

Executive Director of Just Liberty

Josh Hinkle (mod.)

Executive Producer of KXAN’s Investigative Team

Saturday | 9:50 AM

Texas Union, Quadrangle Room

The Fight Over Sanctuary Cities Isn't Over

The combustible politics of the year’s most controversial new law

Ana Hernandez

State Representative

Charley Wilkison

Executive Director of the Combined Law Enforcement Agencies of Texas

Julián Aguilar (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune

Saturday | 11:10 AM

Texas Union, Quadrangle Room

The Politics of Bathrooms

How the fight in Texas over transgender rights became the latest battlefront in the nation’s culture war

Nicole Hudgens

Policy Analyst for Texas Values

Jessica Shortall

Managing Director of Texas Competes

Lou Weaver

Transgender Programs Coordinator for Equality Texas

Alexa Ura (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune

Saturday | 1:45 PM

Texas Union, Quadrangle Room

Texas and the Refugee Crisis

Is America’s tradition of compassion for vulnerable populations a relic of the past, done in by concerns about public safety?

Jo Anne Lyon

Ambassador of The Wesleyan Church

Ali Noorani

Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum

Mustafa Tameez

Founder & Managing Director at Outreach Strategists

Jessica Vaughan

Director of Policy Studies at the Center for Immigration Studies

Ayan Mittra (mod.)

Editor of The Texas Tribune

Saturday | 3:05 PM

Texas Union, Quadrangle Room

Criminal Justice Reform We Can All Agree On

Raise the age, the sealing of records and other policy changes that left and right can get behind

Mark Gonzalez

Nueces County District Attorney

Marc Levin

Director of the Center for Effective Justice and Right on Crime at the Texas Public Policy Foundation

Joe Moody

State Representative

Kim Ogg

Harris County District Attorney

Vikrant Reddy

Senior Research Fellow at the Charles Koch Institute

Jolie McCullough (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune

Saturday | 4:25 PM

Texas Union, Quadrangle Room

Can the Government Really Take Your Stuff?

Yes — thanks most recently to a directive by the U.S. Department of Justice. But the opposition to asset forfeiture rules is only getting stronger

Harold Eavenson

Rockwall County Sheriff

William Lee Hon

Polk County Criminal District Attorney

Arif Panju

Managing Attorney – Texas Office at the Institute for Justice

Maurice Chammah (mod.)

Staff Writer at The Marshall Project

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