Personal Profile

Full Name Susan Combs
Age 72
Race White
Education B.A., Vassar College; J.D., University of Texas at Austin
Spouse: Joe
Religion Christian

As the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Susan Combs serves as the state a€™s chief financial officer.

During her tenure as comptroller, Combs has led efforts to make her office more transparent to Texas citizens. She created the Web site, Where the Money Goes, to allow taxpayers to see how each state entity spends its money.

Combs has also directed efforts to integrate data from different state agencies, to make the exchange of information more efficient. She has also directed the agency to release new studies on economic trends in the state and to provide resources for local small businesses. She launched Texas in Focus, a Web site designed to serve as a resource for small businesses.

Combs began her career in elected office in 1998 as the first woman elected Texas Agriculture Commissioner. She was re-elected in 2002. As commissioner, Combs trimmed her agency'€™s budget by 18 percent.

Combs holds a B.A. from Vassar College and worked in advertising and finance in New York and for the federal government before enrolling at the University of Texas School of Law. After earning her law degree, she worked as an assistant district attorney in Dallas, handling child abuse cases.

A San Antonio native, Combs owns a ranching operation in Brewster County. She lives in Austin with her husband, Joe, and has three sons.