Personal Profile

Full Name Stuart Spitzer
Hometown Kaufman
Race White
Occupation Physician
Education B.S., Baylor; M.D., UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas
Spouse: Shari
Religion Christian

Stuart Spitzer is the representative of Texas’ House District 4.

He is serving on the County Affairs and Human Services committees.

He practiced surgery in Athens there for six years, before moving to Kaufman.
Spitzer grew up in Athens, Texas. He attended Athens High School and Trinity Valley Community College. He earned a Bachelors Degree from Baylor and a Medical Doctor Degree from UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas.

Spitzer and his wife, Shari, have two kids, Lilly and Luke.

Information in this bio was provided by Spitzer's office.
Last updated: March 22, 2015.