Personal Profile

Full Name John Wieder
Age 69
Hometown Alvin, TX

Freddie John Wieder Jr. was born 7/26/1949 in Alvin TX. He graduated from Alvin High School in 1967 and would then enlist to serve our country from 1968 to 1972 in the United State Air Force as an electronic engineer. John Wieder spent two tours in Vietnam near Bein Hoa and Plekieu. At that time, the missions were top secret and he received training at the Bergstrom Air Force Base before being deployed. After leaving the service, he became Data Base Administrator and Hospital Support Manager for the University of Texas Medical Branch.

John graduated from the College of the Mainland in 1976 with an AAS in Computer Science and a minor in Real Estate. He went on to finish his BBA at the University of Houston in General Business in 1980. He then acquired his Real Estate Broker's and Insurance' Licenses which would be the foundation of his career.

Over the course of 28 years, John developed insurance offices in 7 different counties and was associated with the Farm Bureau, Woodmen of the World, Royal Neigbors, American National, American General, and Bankers Life.