Personal Profile

Full Name Jerry Patterson
Age 71
Race White
Education B.A., Texas A&M University

Born in Houston, Texas in 1946 Jerry Patterson graduated from Texas A&M University in 1969 and after receiving his commission in the United States Marine Corps, volunteered for duty in Vietnam in 1972. He was later designated as a Naval Flight Officer and served in Marine fighter squadrons until his retirement from the Marine Corps Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1993.

Five consecutive generations of Patterson's family have served our nation in time of war.

Patterson's cites his major legislative successes as a state senator for SD-11 as the passage of the historic concealed handgun law, a constitutional amendment allowing home equity lending, the state coastal-management plan and the creation of the Texas State Veterans Home Program. An advocate for his fellow veterans, he was chairman of the first Veterans Affairs committee in the Texas Senate.

Patterson resides in Austin and has four children, twins Samantha and Cole, and Emily and Travis.