Personal Profile

Full Name Francisco Canseco
Nickname "Quico"
Age 68
Hometown San Antonio
Race Hispanic
Occupation Commercial developer
Spouse: Gloria
Religion Catholic
Church St. Matthews Catholic Church

Congressman Canseco was sworn in to office on January 5, 2011 as the representative for the 23rd district of Texas in the 112th Congress. Canseco serves as one of a select few freshmen on the Financial Services Committee.

Two years after joining the board of directors at the Hondo National Bank in Hondo, Texas, Canseco and his family formed the Canseco Foundation, which provides grant money for health care, education, and community services around the Laredo area. In San Antonio, the Canseco Foundation also provided scholarship endowments to the UT Health Science Center and the University of Texas at San Antonio. Canseco and his family have also helped the Sisters of Mercy and their work in childcare, as well as provide funding for Texas A&M International University’s School of Nursing, along with scholarships to attend the School of nursing.

Canseco was born in Laredo, Texas and is the second oldest of eight children. Canseco is married to his wife of thirty years, Gloria Canseco, and they have three grown children together, Carlos, Quico Jr., and Anni. Canseco and his wife live in northwest San Antonio.