Ronnie Earle's Not So Viral Campaign Video

Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Ronnie Earle is using online video to introduce himself to more Texans, but his first foray isn't likely to go viral.

Behind-the Scenes of the TX Democratic Debate

We continue in our vlog journey to give you a glimpse of the scenes behind the story. Here's a look at tonight's Democratic gubernatorial face-off from the press' point of view.

WFAA Truth Tests KBH Roads Ad

An analysis of the claims in Team Kay's latest television ad includes a true claim and a distortion, according to Dallas television station WFAA-TV.

Texas Tribune's Candidate Video Crowdsource

We've begun collecting clips for our "Better Know a Candidate" video project that I introduced in the week before break. In case you were too busy during the holiday season to read it (I totally understand), here's the 4-1-1.

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