HuTube: Watch Their Final Pitches

Too busy to read? Then just watch. Our quick video featurettes give each major Texas gubernatorial candidate a chance to sum up why he or she wants your vote.

HuTube: A Debate Behind-the-Scenes

We continue in our vlog journey to give you a glimpse of the scenes behind the story. Here's a look at tonight's Democratic gubernatorial face-off from the press' point of view.

HuTube: On the Road to the Dem Debate

We're en route to the Democratic gubernatorial debate between Bill White and Farouk Shami. For the first time, we're bringing you a video update literally from the road.

HuTube: G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S

Kay Bailey Hutchison's preference for private jets is the latest barb in a back-and-forth over which Republican gubernatorial candidate lives a lusher lifestyle.

HuTube: The KBH "Roads" Ad Check

An analysis of the claims in Team Kay's latest television ad includes a true claim and a distortion, according to Dallas television station WFAA-TV.

HuTube: Candidate Video Project

We've begun collecting clips for our "Better Know a Candidate" video project that I introduced in the week before break. In case you were too busy during the holiday season to read it (I totally understand), here's the 4-1-1.

HuTube: A Multi-Platform Look Back

The multimedia/social media side of the TT operation has various projects and enterprises to connect you with in case you missed them over the past seven weeks.

HuTube: Breakfast Club

In the latest HuTube vlog post, we take you behind the scenes of Wednesday morning TV partnerships and the subsequent breakfast summit.

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