Republicans Lead in State Board of Education Races

Republicans are well ahead in the results for six of seven races for the State Board of Education. The contests are closely watched due to the board's controversial efforts to amend the content allowed in school textbooks earlier this year.

In one of the most-watched races, in the Austin area, Republican Marsha Farney leads her Democratic opponent, Judy Jennings, by 59 percent to 28 percent with 30 percent of the vote counted. In a second closely watched race, in the San Antonio area, the Republican incumbent Ken Mercer leads Democratic challenger Rebecca Bell-Metereau 61 percent to 35 percent with 27 percent of the vote counted. In District 1, the Democratic incumbent Rene Nuñez trails Republican challenger Carlos Garza by 42 percent to 58 percent, with 33 percent of the vote counted.

Option Available to Turn Off E-mail Alerts Tonight

Be warned: If you're signed up for our instant e-mail alerts, your mobile device will be buzzing a lot this evening. But there's still plenty of time to update or temporarily disable your alert settings.

Sights and Sounds of Austin Sanity Rally

A few of the sights and sounds from Saturday's satellite Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, which attracted 5,000 to 6,000 people to the Capitol building in Austin.

White: Perry Friends Profited from TRS Deals

Top appointees and employees at the state Teacher Retirement System overrode staff recommendations in order to hire political cronies and business associates for investment work there, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White charged Tuesday. A spokesman for Gov. Rick Perry's campaign says White is "throwing everything at the wall to see what will stick."

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