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The Texas-Mexico border makes up 1,254 miles of the 1,900-mile-long U.S.-Mexico border. 

The vast, mostly rural expanse stretches from El Paso in the West to Brownsville in the Southeast and is delineated by the Rio Grande River.

Border communities in Texas are some of the poorest regions of the state and the nation. If Texas border ...


Photographs From Guereca's Funeral

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Sounds and photos from the funeral of Sergio Adrían Hernández Güereca, 15, in Ciudad Juárez. Güereca was shot and killed on June 7 by a U.S. Border Patrol agent on the banks of the Rio Grande near downtown El Paso.

A driver from Chihuahua, Mexico, waits to cross the border into Fort Hancock in rural Hudspeth County.
A driver from Chihuahua, Mexico, waits to cross the border into Fort Hancock in rural Hudspeth County.

Hudspeth County Supports Arizona Immigration Law

A commissioner's court resolution supporting Arizona's controversial immigration law has split rural Hudspeth County in far West Texas, whose 3,000 residents are largely Hispanic. Commissioner Jim Ed Miller, who introduced the resolution, says he simply wants the federal government to do its job and stop illegals from crossing the border. "Now what the hell is wrong with upholding the law?" he asks. But commissioner Wayne West, who opposed it, describes the prospect of law enforcement asking people to prove their citizenship as “nothing but pure harassment.” 

Perry, U.S. Border Congressmen Dispute Funding

Five members of the U.S. House are lashing out at Gov. Rick Perry for what they say is his refusal to allocate more of the federal funding that moves through his office to the border. Perry claims his hands are tied and insists the congressmen need to check their math. While the back and forth continues, residents of the border fear for their lives.

Confusion Over Census Forms in Rio Grande Valley

A joint effort among the U.S. Census Bureau, Valley lawmakers and community groups is smoothing over the tensions of the past couple of weeks, when the bureau announced that 95 percent of residents of South Texas colonias were not getting their Census forms in the mail.

Brownsville, TX. Bridge No 1 to Matamoros.
Brownsville, TX. Bridge No 1 to Matamoros.

Current Immigration Debate Mirrors 2006

Just as in 2006, some Democrats are clamoring for immigration reforms, including easing pathways to citizenship, while Republicans are insisting more border security must come first. Policy experts, meanwhile, say the outcome this year will likely be the same as back then: nothing.

A live surveillance camera view from a BlueServo camera
A live surveillance camera view from a BlueServo camera

TT Partner KHOU-TV Reports Border Camera Numbers

A multi-million-dollar plan gone bust? That's how our television partner in Houston, KHOU-TV, describes the governor's virtual border watch program, which has cost $4 million but has netted only a handful of arrests.

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