Tribpedia: Court Of Criminal Appeals


The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the state's highest criminal court. It hears all appeals of death penalty cases as well as criminal cases decided at the 14 mid-level appellate courts in the state.

The court has eight justices and one presiding justice who are elected to six-year terms.


Many Choosing Jail Time Over Probation

Across Texas, defendants charged with misdemeanor offenses are choosing to spend time in the local lockup rather than endure months on probation. They don’t want to deal with the hassle of probation's conditions, and they can’t afford the thousands of dollars in fees that it requires. People on both sides of the criminal justice system agree that the trend is troubling: It’s helping to fill local jails beyond capacity, and even worse, it means that people charged with DWI, possession of small amounts of drugs and family violence are not getting the treatment they need.