Tribpedia: Concealed Handgun License


The Texas concealed carry law, signed into law by Gov. George W. Bush in 1995, permits licensed individuals to carry an unlimited number of concealed handguns.

To be eligible for a license Texans must:

  • be 21 years old or 18 for members or former members of the armed services;
  • have a clean criminal history;
  • not be under a protective order ...


Ruling Reinforces Law on Handguns in Employees' Cars

A law passed last year allows licensed employees to keep concealed handguns in their vehicles while on employer property, and the employer cannot use the penal code to circumvent the law, according to an opinion from the attorney general's office Monday.

Guns on Campus Could Cost Colleges

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Allowing students to bring guns to college could cost universities a pretty penny in insurance premiums — one of the hitches that is keeping the campus-carry bill stalled in the Texas Senate. 

Colin Goddard Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs at the Brady Campaign, was at the Capitol lobbying against allowing handguns on college campuses.
Colin Goddard Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs at the Brady Campaign, was at the Capitol lobbying against allowing handguns on college campuses.

Colin Goddard Bears Witness to Campus Massacre

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Colin Goddard survived the 2007 mass shooting on Virginia Tech's campus that left 32 dead and wounded 16 others. He thinks allowing concealed weapons to be carried on college campuses is a dangerous idea, and he came to Austin to explain why. 

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Wealthier, More-Conservative Texans Have Gun Permits

When the state's concealed handgun statute was approved 15 years ago, lawmakers argued it would help citizens defend themselves — but residents of low-income, largely Democratic nieghborhoods aren't applying for gun permits as often as those in wealthier, more-conservative areas, according to a Texas Tribune/San Antonio Express-News analysis.

Did Worries About Obama Spark CHL Applications?

In the two years since Barack Obama was elected president, many Texas gun owners — afraid of losing their Second Amendment rights — have stocked up on weapons and ammo. Texans have also sought a record number of concealed handgun licenses. Coincidence?

Video: Bexar County Concealed Gun Licenses

In a pattern that's playing out in San Antonio and other major metro areas in Texas, residents in low-income neighborhoods aren't taking advantage of the state's concealed-carry law as often as residents living in wealthier, more conservative areas.