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Philip Cortez Hopes to Unseat John Garza in HD-117

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In 2010, Republican John V. Garza defeated David Leibowitz, the incumbent Democrat, in HD-117, a fast-growing section of western Bexar County. Now, Garza’s is at the top of Democrats’ list of seats they would like to take back. The candidate they've put up to the task is Philip Cortez, a former San Antonio city councilman with a controversial track record.

General and primary election turnout in Texas since 1970 as a percentage of the voting age population
General and primary election turnout in Texas since 1970 as a percentage of the voting age population

Elections Behind and Ahead

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The story through the primaries and runoffs? It's over for most of the races — only a few remain competitive. Turnover, as you would expect in the election after a redistricting, is high.

Texas Weekly Newsreel: Races to Watch

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With the primaries and the runoffs out of the way, it's time to look ahead to the general election. There will be a full ballot in November, of course, but only a relative handful of races remain competive in a state where redistricting made most congressional and legislative districts uncompetitive in the general election.

Texas Voters to Settle Primary Runoffs

Today, at long last, the state's voters will settle the remaining 37 races in the Republican and Democratic primaries, choosing the nominees who will be on the ballot in November's general election. Led by runoffs for the U.S. Senate, there are a half-dozen races where incumbents are trying to keep their jobs, and five more with current officeholders who are seeking promotions.

Runoff Rundown

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In years when both parties had statewide primary runoffs, turnout in the second round of voting averaged almost half of turnout in the first round. On average, the runoff got a vote for every two in the primary. In elections with a statewide runoff, the average Republican runoff turnout was 27.3 percent of the party's average primary turnout. For Democrats, the corresponding number was 34.9 percent.

Hopson Defends His Seat Against Newcomer

After his district was redrawn, state Rep. Chuck Hopson is defending himself against a first-time candidate who is making hay out of the longtime legislator's switch to the Republican Party. But Hopson says he has the critical lawmaking experience that his challenger lacks.