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Rancho Verde Elementary School

576 students in grades Pre-K ‐ 5

Rated: Met Standard

Rancho Verde Elementary School is an predominantly Hispanic suburban school with 576 students. Students perform well above the state average in passing TAKS scores.

Teachers have less experience than the state average and are paid less than the state average.

The school spends $4,730 per student for academic programs and $7,109 per student for all school functions.

Rancho Verde Elementary School is located in Congressional District 34, State Board of Education District 2 represented by Ruben Cortez Jr., Texas House District 38 represented by Eddie Lucio III and Texas Senate District 27 represented by Eddie Lucio Jr..


Percent of student body by ethnicity

Percent of student body by academic risk factor

Student enrollment by grade level (percent of students/number of students)

Average number of students per class


Rate of students who dropped out

Rate of students who completed school

Number of days students were present divided by number of days students were enrolled

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College Readiness

Percent of graduating students who take advanced courses

Mean ACT score for all students who took the test

Mean SAT score (math and critical reading) for all students who took the test

Percent of graduating students who meet college-ready criteria on TAKS, SAT or ACT

Percent of high school seniors who graduate by ethnicity

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These campuses are identified as peers for Rancho Verde Elementary School by the comptroller's FAST report based on factors – like "regional wages, district size and student characteristics" – that affect the cost of education.

Name Enrollment Accountability Rating City