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Bruceville-Eddy High School

233 students in grades 9 ‐ 12

Rated: Met Standard

Bruceville-Eddy High School is a school in Eddy with 233 students. Students perform at the state average in passing TAKS scores. Fewer than half of students are prepared for college in both English Language Arts and Math.

Teachers have roughly the same experience as the state average and are paid less than the state average.

The school spends $7,178 per student for academic programs and $10,292 per student for all school functions.

Bruceville-Eddy High School is located in Congressional District 17, State Board of Education District 14 represented by Sue Melton, Texas House District 56 represented by Charles "Doc" Anderson and Texas Senate District 22 represented by Brian Birdwell.


Percent of student body by ethnicity

Percent of student body by academic risk factor

Student enrollment by grade level (percent of students/number of students)

Average number of students per class


Rate of students who dropped out

Rate of students who completed school

Number of days students were present divided by number of days students were enrolled

Percent of graduating students completing the requirements of a given graduation plan

College Readiness

Percent of graduating students who take advanced courses

Mean ACT score for all students who took the test

Mean SAT score (math and critical reading) for all students who took the test

Percent of graduating students who meet college-ready criteria on TAKS, SAT or ACT

Percent of high school seniors who graduate by ethnicity

Percent of high school seniors who graduate, receive a GED, or continue high school by ethnicity


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These campuses are identified as peers for Bruceville-Eddy High School by the comptroller's FAST report based on factors – like "regional wages, district size and student characteristics" – that affect the cost of education.

Name Enrollment Accountability Rating City
Banquete High School 239 Met Standard Banquete
Bowie High School 1,076 Met Standard El Paso
Boyd High School 335 Improvement Required Boyd
Bremond High School 130 Met Standard Bremond
Brock High School 262 Met Standard Brock
Cooper High School 255 Met Standard Cooper
Danbury High School 224 Met Standard Danbury
Florence High School 329 Met Standard Florence
Gabriel Tafolla Academy C 40 Academically Acceptable
Hempstead High School 404 Met Standard Hempstead
H Grady Spruce High School 737 Met Standard Dallas
Hitchcock High School 345 Improvement Required Hitchcock
Italy High School 302 Met Standard Italy
Kashmere High School M 593 Improvement Required Houston
Lone Oak High School 290 Met Standard Lone Oak
Manor New Technology High School 311 Met Standard Manor
Mart High School 182 Met Standard Mart
McLeod High School 148 Met Standard Mcleod
Millsap High School 269 Met Standard Millsap
Moody High School 196 Met Standard Moody
Natalia High School 297 Met Standard Natalia
New Deal High School 203 Met Standard New Deal
Paradise High School 312 Met Standard Paradise
Poth High School 249 Met Standard Poth
Rio Vista High School 245 Met Standard Rio Vista
Scurry-Rosser ISD High School 250 Improvement Required Scurry
Snook Secondary School 126 Met Standard Snook
Somerville High School 151 Met Standard Somerville
Stockdale High School 214 Met Standard Stockdale
Tornillo High School 315 Met Standard Tornillo
Waskom High School 238 Met Standard Waskom